A 66lb 6oz mirror for Don.

Another productive night saw 6 good fish banked with the pick of the crop being Dons magnificent mirror weighing 66lb 6oz. Peter had mirrors of 43lb and 48lb whilst Tony landed a brace of 30’s at 33lb and 36lb. Stephen had a mid 20 from the shallows to complete a good nights fishing for the boys. So far this week we have seen a brace of 60’s and a high 50 banked so all is looking good for the remaining days of the week.

Don and his 66lb 6oz mirror.

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A great improvement.

It is now Tuesday morning and the lads are reporting some fine fish banked even though the temperature is once again soaring into the high 30’s. Last night Peter had a stunning common of 61lb which turned out to be the elusive ‘Crinkle Tail’ common which we have not seen all year. She was in superb condition although hollow in the back end, after the most rigorous spawning year we have yet experienced, and should now be starting to pile on the weight as autumn fast approaches. We also saw a cracking 57lb 5oz mirror to Don who has now had 6 carp including a brace of 40lb+ commons. Total catch so far is 17 carp with a 60, a 50, 5 x 40’s (4 over 45lb) and some big 30’s.

All is looking good for the remainder of the season with lake water levels remaining high and the carp now showing the signs of recovering well from spawning and starting to put back muscle instead of the previous ‘spawn weight’ that we saw in the spring months. The lake is still lush despite the recent drought and the swallows can be seen feeding hard over the lake in preparation for their long flight south. The next few weeks will see the swallows depart and as autumn creeps up on us the lake will begin to gently change color, as the green gives way to gold. The weather will become more changeable with more moderate temperatures in the day and notably cooler nights creating the misty mornings that seem to scream CARP ! I must confess that autumn is my favorite time of year with the carp looking in great condition and beginning to exhibit the bolder colors that see them taking on the darker shades of winter. Those of you coming to fish in the final couple of months of the season should come prepared for hungry carp that will clear a bed of bait oh so quickly. If you bring your own boilies then consider a good fish protein or even, as the water cools down, a milk protein bait. After a season of being assaulted by a great variety of baits the carp will be cautious and picky about what they pick up so think carefully about your approach. My old favorite is to bait heavily with a mixture of pellet, some sweet corn and chick peas all liberally coated with evaporated milk. Some good quality boilies added to the mix and you have a recipe for success……….errrr, or not – as the case may be.

Anyway, some pictures from this week (just 3 days in).

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Hot and bothered !

With the weather turning hot, hotter and scorchingly hot we have seen a week of frustratingly hard fishing for the lads. Temperatures were up in the very high 30’s for the whole week with just a glimmer of cooler weather arriving on the Friday. The water temperature at the bottom of the deepest part of the lake was at a little over 23c so it is no surprise that the carp were taking it easy for much of the time. Having said that it was apparent that occasionally there were carp feeding, with the most frustrating aspect being the difficulty in getting takes when fish could be seen enthusiastically churning up the bottom in their search for food. Dan, fishing the shallows experienced this for much of the week.

Some nice fish were banked by the lads despite the problems encountered with a brace of good 50’s adding a little spice to the fishing.

David had a mirror of 55lb 9oz along with a trio of sturgeon up to 60lb and young Mark had a succesful last day with mirrors of 39lb 4oz and 45lb 12oz. In fact Mark fish Poppy’s during the week and broke his pb 5 times with fish up to 27lb and then proceeded to really smash that figure with his last two carp banked in the main lake. Johny managed a new pb also with his 56lb 8oz mirror and Scott had mirrors of 30lb, 40lb and 49lb, the last also be a new pb. Danny took refuge on Poppy’s lake during the heat of the day where he had a catch of 17 carp up to 31lb and including a lot of good 20’s. As is common these days we had a good few fish lost during the week which illustrates once more the fickle way the fish were feeding.


With the weather cooling down on Saturday along with the arrival of a little cloud cover the fishing has picked up and already (Breakfast Monday) we has seen 10 carp landed including a lovely brace of commons at 45lb and 46lb. Although we are due to see the weather turn very hot again by midweek there are still plenty of carp crashing around and I have high hopes that the next day or will see a good few more decent fish banked.

And now for a little moan !!! I am finding that more and more anglers are relying on their phone to take pictures. A phone picture is no good for me and the blog so please, please, bring a camera with you when you come. Well, moan over !

October vacancies.

I have available some places on the Home bank for the w/c October 8th this year. The angler that booked a week exclusive is presently coming with just one other chap after being let down and although prepared to foot the cost of the week himself will be prepared to share with up to another 3 anglers who can take the Home Bank. Any angler that takes up this offer will only be asked to pay the single angler price of £340. Let me know asap if you are interested.

Usually a good time of year for the big girls !!

Thank you to all those that contacted me regarding the above vacancies however they have now been taken.

Better late than never !

I am sorry that the blog has been rather silent for several weeks now but I have been in the UK for 2 weeks and then kept rather busy and in turn rather neglected keeping you all updated with catch reports. I will now endeavor to be more disciplined with my blog writing.

The weather has remained very hot for the past month or so and as you would expect the catches have been rather up and down as a consequence. The good thing is that the carp are in superb condition and look to be recovering well from the very heavy spawning period. In fact it would be fair to say that we have seen the biggest overall weight loss due to spawning since we first opened in 2006. This is not a bad thing and with the carp now showing a true weight we can look forward to gradual weight gains throughout the remaining summer months and through the winter when the fresh spawn begins to develop. The lake is looking lovely at the moment with lush growth and high water levels seeing it at its best for late summer. The very heavy rain that we experienced in the early summer certainly seems to have filled the springs and despite a lack of any notable rain for many weeks now we have water levels just a couple of inches down on maximum. The fishing remains challenging but still the rewards are there for those that hit onto the right formula for the week. Big fish are showing up in catches every week now and it is fascinating how we are seeing some know big girls well down in weight due to spawning whilst other fish are suddenly coming through and showing at all time best weights. The most rewarding aspect of this is the sheer amount of carp that are now close to moving up into a higher weight bracket which, allowing for the known big fish to recover to their best weights again, means that the closing months of the season could be rather special.

Anyway, the last few weeks catch reports….

W.C .July 15th was a very slow week that saw just 13 carp banked topped by a 62lb common and backed up by fish up to 48lb. The big common was banked by Glen from ‘Gingers Patch’. With such a low catch overall it was pleasing to see that the fish were spread between 5 of the 6 anglers with just the one blank. As has been happening recently a lot of fish were dropped and one is left with the feeling that the week would have been so much better if luck had been on the side of the boys.

W.C. July 22nd was another scorcher with temperatures reaching up into the high 30’s. Of the 5 anglers just 3 of them fished all week as Dave and Mark spent 3 days working on the cottage for us…great job lads, thanks. The overall catch was 21 carp with the best being a 50lb mirror to Mark (Middle Ground) and a 53lb mirror to Chris (Island). Caddy banked 4 carp up to 43lb, Andy had 3 carp up to 45lb 8oz whilst Dave banked 6 carp up to 44lb 8oz and a 30lb sturgeon. Mark had four fish topped by his first ever 50 and Chris had 3 fish with the 53lb mirror being his best. The lads endured some torrid daytime temperatures that barely dropped at night so did well to pick up the fish that they did in the conditions.

W.C. July 29th was a better week with 31 carp banked including a brace of 60lb mirrors and 50’s of 56lb, 55lb and 52lb 14oz plus another 7 fish of over 40lb as well as a brace of big sturgeon. The weather was still very hot but the fish seem to be getting used to the high temperatures and settling down to some sporadic feeding. Paul (Deliverance) finished his week with 9 carp up to 60lb 8oz and Steve (Island) had 10 carp including fish of 60lb 8oz, 56lb, 52lb 14oz (common), 46lb 8oz, 43lb 12oz and 43lb 8oz (common) as well as a 57lb sturgeon. Jamie (Zippies) had 5 carp up to 40lb 11oz whilst Darren and Tony decided to double up on Sanctuary resulting in a 55lb mirror anjd 58lb sturgeon to Tony and 5 carp up to 42lb for Darren. I never feel that doubling up on a swim is a good idea and after chatting with Tony and Darren I think that next trip they will fish seperate swims. Good idea methinks !!!

W.C.August 5th was the hottest week of the year so far with temperatures constantly in the high 30’s. The carp were spread out throughout the lake and with the shallows holding dozens of fish whenever I ventured up you would have thought that it fished well…not so. In fact nearly all the carp caught came from the deeper water with the rest of the lake offering hard fishing for the lads. It was a good learning week for some of the lads who were fairly new to French fishing and although everyone had a most enjoyable week I am sure that the next visit will see tactics tweaked and perhaps a bit more bait being applied. Of the 32 carp banked we had 27 of them caught from just two swims, both fishing the dam end of the lake where the water is at its deepest. It is difficult to work out why this occurred as this year has been one where the whole lake has fished fairly evenly.  Oxygen was checked and was good everywhere so that in not a factor so we thought that it was possibly due to the very high water temperatures however when you consider how many carp were actively feeding in the shallows that doesn’t really stack up. Another factor in this strange sport of ours to ponder on !

Anyway, Top rod for the week was Michael (Zippies) who fished well for his 16 carp and a 58lb sturgeon that he actually caught 5 times !!! His best fish was mirror bang on the 50lb mark followed by another 3 of over 40lb and a 42lb 8oz catfish. In fact Mike had a pb mirror carp, pb common, pb sturgeon and pb catfish so a good week for the lad. Denny also had a good week fishing Deliverance up to Friday morning when he and Mike left early due to the extreme heat. Denny had 11 carp comprised a 62lb mirror, 52lb mirror and another couple of good 40’s backed up by mainly 30’s whilst Mike (Island), who suffered greatly from the heat, banked just a couple of fish with a best of 36lb. Paul (Steps) had a new pb of 51lb 8oz whilst Zac ( Middle Ground) drew a blank and Mark (Car Park) had a brace of mirrors with a best of 45lb. It was great week overall although the fishing remained challenging however I feel that in the extreme heat the lads did well.

Well, that brings us up to this week and with the lads just settling down to soaking up the sun whilst they catch up on sleep we can only hope that the fishing picks up for all swims and quite honestly I do not see any reason why it shouldn’t. The deeps are full of fish and the shallows are full of fish and I have no doubt that the middle swims also have plenty of fish in front of them. The secret is to work out how to catch them ! Easy isn’t it…problem solved.



A bit on the slow side !

As I am away until the end of next week the blog has been somewhat neglected of late however all will be updated on my return.

In short the fishing has been slow for a couple of very hot weeks although it seems to be improving this week. It is still slower than we like to see but conditions are not really conducive to carp fishing so any successes are to be congratulated. With the exception of the 62 that was out a couple of weeks ago the big girls have remained elusive, even the 50’s  we have been seeing are mostly new to that weight, leaving us confused as to why the big head of 50lb+ carp that we have are playing so hard to tempt in recent weeks. There can be no doubt that someone will soon have the week of their lives when the big girls get onto the bait. With so many fish being lost in the hot conditions one is left with the impression that the fish are taking baits in a very half hearted way meaning bites are gentle and hook holds often poor. Reports from the lake this week are of plenty of fizzing going on and lots of fish showing but takes are still remaining hard earned although the fishing is showing signs of picking up at last. Full updates will follow at the end of next week.

A slow week.

The week just gone was disappointing with hard fishing and soaring temperatures giving us some wonderful sunbathing weather but certainly pretty poor fishing conditions. The lads battled on gamely in the heat but it was no surprise that the fish were playing hard to get and the result was just 13 carp for the week. Strangely we had just as many fish lost as landed which says much about the fickle feeding rather than anything the anglers were doing wrong. Sizes were lower than usual as well with just the one 50, 4 x 40,s, 3x 30’s and a brace of 20’s with the remaining 3 carp all being 19lb or so. The fish were pretty well spread out and just Gary blanked (a bad habit for a good angler) whilst Shaun had 4 carp including a brace of 40’s,Lee just the one at 51lb, and Jim a 19lb 8oz common plus a 38lb common. Jack had just the one fish at 38lb 8oz whilst Richard managed 4 carp and a sturgeon with the carp including a brace of 40’s. A very slow week but great fun all the same for which I must thank the lads involved.

So far this week the weather is hot and muggy with the last couple of days seeing the thermometer reaching 40c and just cooling a little today. The fishing remains slow although we have had a welcome capture of the ‘Cut Tail’ common at 62lb. The happy angler was Glenn and although the fish was down a good bit on its weight earlier in the year we were more than happy to see that she had survived her calamitous fall down the vidange tube. She is still rather battered about but looking like the wounds are slowly healing and all being well by the close of the season she should be starting to pile the weight back on once more.

Anyway, a few pictures from the week just passed.

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Week exchange.

Our very good friends that have a rolling booking in early June are looking to exchange their week for any other that may come available. For 2017 the week will be w/c June 3rd so if anyone out there who would be interested in changing weeks should contact me asap.


A slower week but still some cracking fish and lovely weather for a change.

The week started in fine fashion with the overcast weather helping the fishing however the onset of hot, sunny weather on Tuesday certainly slowed things down. We also had spawning taking place at both ends of the lake, probably the last fling of the year as most fish are well spawned out and starting to regain condition. It is our hope that with spawning now done and dusted that the carp will be getting on the feed in a more focused way.

This week saw my old friends here once more and most enjoyable it was too. By moving swims during the hot daytime and regular baiting they managed to winkle fish out throughout the week with both Tony and Laurence bagging 50’s which was good to see.By some opportunist stalking in the small bay at the end of the dam Steve bagged some bonus fish including a cracking 40lb+ common and Laurence spent several days fishing the shallows from the ‘Car Park’ swim which gave him some well earned bonus fish when fishing was generally very quiet.

The total catch was 29 carp and a 58lb sturgeon which was the result of good fishing in far from easy conditions. In fact, with the hot weather looking like continuing for the foreseeable future we hope to see the carp settling down to a regular feeding pattern and catches picking up accordingly.

Anyway, for this week Steve was top rod with 15 carp comprised of 7 x 40’s, 7 x 30’s (all between 34lb and 39lb 12 oz) and a solitary 20. Tony had 5 carp up to 52lb 2 oz plus a 58lb sturgeon whilst Laurence had 8 carp up to 51lb 6oz. Dear old Derek had just the one carp at 31lb due to bad luck more than anything else and I am sure will be back amongst the fish when he returns next year. Breakdown of the total catch is 2 x 50’s, 12 x 40’s, 13 x 30’s, 2 x 20’s and the one sturgeon.

Find below a slide show of the weeks pictures showing some action. a few scenic shots and lots of lovely carp.

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Mid week and all going well.

This week has started quite nicely and by the time the lads arrived for breakfast on Tuesday morning the tally was a respectable 17 carp. Best fish so far is Tony’s 52lb 4oz mirror and best catch to date is Steve’s 9 fish bag which includes 6 good 40’s. Laurence has had 5 carp up to 46lb with most of those coming to Laurence whilst he fished the shallows during the daytime. The weather is looking perfect for some good fishing although we have had some spawning going on at the top end shallows which could slow things a tad. As ever the lads are having some mammoth scraps with Laurence taking to the water and spending a tiring 45 minutes battling a 46lb mirror. Lively fish, good fishing conditions and the lake looking at it’s best all makes for a good week. And, we are only a few days into it !! Happy days.

Some nice pictures of fish, scenics and anglers in action…enjoy !

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I see that our old mate Keith Williams has made a short video for Summit Tackle featuring a couple of spring fish from Le Moulin du Mee. Link below…..