Another good week.

Well, despite pretty ‘uncarpy’ weather we have finished to week with a count of 31 carp, a third of which were over 50lb ! The fishing was far from easy to be honest, with the very cold nights and the sharp N/E wind lowering water temperatures almost daily. By midweek we had water temperatures of just 14.2c and I would guess that they have dropped another degree or so since then. For the early part of the session it soon became obvious that the bulk of the stock were holding up in the deeper water and Brian Williams certainly made the best of the opportunity, fishing well for a catch that included 3 x 60’s and 4 x 50’s. As the week progressed the fish seemed to start moving out into the lake and the other lads managed to get in on the action.Takes were often fickle with just a bleep or two on the buzzers, a tightening of the line and then….nothing unless you were quick to tighten into the fish. There were quite a few fish lost to hook pulls, the result of gentle takes rather than rig deficiencies.The condition of the carp is fantastic with the start of the winter colors beginning to show through. Weights are still a little down on average with the big fish in particular not yet showing sufficient weight gains since spawning to be at their best in that regard. Behind them we are seeing a lot of fish rapidly moving toward the next weight grade and the sheer amount of 50’s that we should have by next spring is truly staggering. Fortunately we also have a good head of smaller, 20’s and 30’s, coming through so the future is bright.

Anyway, individual catches were mixed with Brian certainly taking the crown for perhaps the most impressive catch of big carp we have seen. Brian had 13 carp as follows,67lb mirror, 63lb 8oz common, 61lb 15oz common and mirrors of 56lb, 51lb 8oz, 51lb 4oz, 50lb 6oz, 49lb 7oz, 44lb 8oz, 44lb 4oz, 43lb 4oz, 38lb 8oz plus a tiddler mid 20. What a great result and congratulations to Brian for achieving the catch of a lifetime.

Our old friend Ian had 5 carp with a best of 56lb 2oz plus a brace of 58lb sturgeon ( double capture), Mike had 7 carp which included a brace of 50’s at 55lb 4oz and 50lb exactly whilst regulars Lee and John had a leaner time fishing the shallower water but still managed a fish or two with John haviong 4 carp including a brace of good 30’s at 39lb 2oz and 38lb 12 oz (common) plus another 58lb sturgeon and Lee fished hard and well but had just the one fish, a mid 20 that he winkled out from the shallows near Sanctuary. Lee and John had a great spring week here and are back in two weeks when I am sure they will get among the big girls once more.

All in all a great/difficult week with a catch of 31 carp and 5 sturgeon.With 3 x 60’s, 7 x 50’s, 6 x 40’s, 7 x 30’s and 5 x 20’s the lads did very well in difficult conditions. Happy days.

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A special week for Brian Williams.

With just 3 full days of fishing behind him Brian has banked Drop Scale at 67lb, the Cut Tail common at 63lb 8oz and now the Crinkle Tail common at 61lb 15oz ! Magic.

Brian has also banked a 50lb 6oz mirror this evening and a 44lb 4oz mirrror during the afternoon as well as other mirrors of 44lb, 43lb and 39lb so with 8 fish to his rods already this looking to be one of those sessions that anglers dream about. Happy days indeed.

For the other lads it is quiet although Ian has had a couple of carp up to 56lb 4oz plus a 58lb sturgeon, Mike has had a 55lb 4oz mirror plus a big sturgeon, John has banked a 58lb sturgeon and Lee just a solitary 28lb mirror from the shallows.  The weather is cold and clear and as a consequence the water temperature has plummeted in recent days. The deeper water, where the carp are coming from, is warmer than the main body of the lake at 14.5-15c with the shallower area’s being just 14.2c. For us that is winter temperatures so the fishing should be slowing down, however it would seem that whilst the main body of carp are off the feed for the moment the bigger fish are certainly on the munch. Hopefully we will get to see a few more big girls showing up in the coming days. Pictures later.

A slow week but still 4 x 50’s banked!

With the weather turning a lot colder the carp have responded by being quite subdued this week. We still managed to see four carp of over 50lb on the bank which is not bad at all, but other than that the average size of the remainder of the catch was a good bit lower than we are used to seeing at Le Moulin du Mee. In fact, top rod for the week was Graham who bagged 9 carp from the shallows with the biggest being no more than 38lb 8oz. When you consider that our average weight is around the 40lb mark you can see what a strange catch Grahams was. Of the bigger fish Neil had a brace of 50’s at 54lb 12oz and 52lb 9oz plus a couple of good 30’s whilst John had a 53lb 11oz plus other mirrors of 44lb 4oz, 37lb 10oz as well as a stunning common of 39lb 11oz. Gary and Justin both had new pb’s with Gary’s being a mirror of 53lb 8oz and Justins a 43lb 4oz mirror. Unfortunately Stuart failed to get among the fish and finished up with a dry net. Overall the week was another enjoyable despite the cold weather and plans are already being laid for next years trip.

This week remains cold however Brian Williams has already bagged mirrors of 44lb and 43lb plus the ‘Cut Tail’ common at 63lb 8oz. It was great to see her looking so much better than we would have expected with most of the damage caused by her accident now well repaired and other than being a lot slimmer than before she is coming back to the sort of condition that we all are used to seeing her in. I am confident that a good overwintering will see her back around the 70lb mark come spring…happy days.

Young Mike has also had a bend in his rod, firstly with a 58lb sturgeon and then with another stunning common, this one weighing in at 54lb 4oz. This was Mikes first ever French carp and more than doubles his previous pb. Great stuff.

The forecast for the week is cool but sunny days and clear cold nights so not the best fishing conditions however the lads report a lot of big fish crashing out during the night so we are hopeful that a few more of the big girls will show up in due course…watch this space.

2017 availability.

We are approaching the time of year when, with deposits due, people find that for whatever reason they cannot make their booking for 2017. That being the case there is every chance that I will have a few places (possibly weeks) available once I have been informed of the situation. As I always prefer to give regulars first option it would be helpful if interested anglers could drop me an email so that I can get back to you should anything of interest come available.

Another 50lb mirror out.

Strange as it may seem the very cold weather has produced some cracking fish although overall the fishing is very slow. Last night there was just the one fish caught, a mirror of 53lb 11oz to John Merrit. That means that of the last 4 fish caught there were 3 of over 50lb. Just 12 carp banked so far but with 4 of them breaking the 50lb barrier it would seem that the big girls are continuing to feed despite the adverse conditions. Today is once again bright but cold so although the fishing is likely to remain slow there is every expectation that another lump or two may show up.

John and his 53lb 11oz mirror.


October update.

Well, I am now back at Le Moulin du Mee to find the weather has certainly changed since I left, almost 3 weeks ago. The days are warmish and sunny whilst nights are clear and cold with temperatures dropping to as low as 5c. Fishing is slowish this week although I must be a good luck charm as last night of the 3 fish banked there were 2 of over 50lb !

Anyway, to start at the beginning – w/c September 17th saw Richard Stanier and 3 friends joined by our old friend Cumbrian Dave for the week. The fishing was very patchy and although the week end totals were very respectable the carp seemed to be very much grouped in the deeper water just off the dam meaning that some swims had a great week whilst others struggled. Ian had a belter of a week with 14 carp including mirrors of 64lb, 58lb, 54lb, 51lb, 49lb, 48lb plus another 3 x 40’s with the remainder being good 30’s. Rich also had a week to remember with 12 carp including the ‘Cut Tail’ common at 64lb. It is good to see that she is now recovering well from her misfortune earlier in the year and should be back to her best (or as near as can be considering what she has been through) by next spring. Rich also had mirrors of 54lb, 54lb and 48lb in his catch. Paul fished the shallows and although he managed to bag 7 carp they were a tad smaller than our usual fish and the best came in at a little over 41lb with a good few 20’s sprinkled among his catch. Stuart had just 2 fish with a best of 49lb, CP had a trio of 20’s up to 29lb and poor old Dave had a rare blank. So, with 37 carp landed in the week including a 64lb common, a 64lb mirror and another  5 x 50’s up to 58lb you would be forgiven to think the week was a good one. I was, but only for the lads that were on the fish with the others struggling. That’s fishing I suppose !

The following week, commencing on the 24th, saw Steve Abbot and 3 other lads fishing with us once more. The week was slow with rapidly cooling weather certainly impacting the fishing. A total of 14 carp and a 58lb sturgeon were banked with the pick of the catch being a 63lb mirror to Dick and a brace of 50’s including a 56lb common to Dale. Steve had 6 carp with a best of 46lb backed up by 5 good 30’s (39lb, 39lb, 38lb,33lb and 32lb) and Dale had the brace of 50’s mentioned earlier plus another 4 carp up to 46lb. Dick had just two carp, a 63lb lunker and a 46lb fish whilst curly had just the 58lb sturgeon tio his name. The cooler conditions will take some getting used to by the carp but with a 60 and 3 x 50’s banked the week was better than it could have been.

Some pictures from last week.

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The current week is well underway and by Thursday morning there have been just 11 carp landed including mirrors of 54lb 12oz, 53lb 8oz and 52lb 9oz and we are hopeful of a few more good fish by weeks end. In fairness the conditions are pretty poor for the lads with extremely cold nights and clear sunny days not really conducive to good fishing but spirits are high and with a brace of 50’s out last night there is every chance that things will pick up as the week progresses.

Poppy’s Lake continues to fish well with stacks of nice fish banked once more. I will put more information on the Poppy’s Lake page but this is the lake to watch in the coming years with great growth rates already showing through and with the planned reducing of the smaller fish this winter there will be even better growth showing up in 2017.


As I will be away for a couple of weeks there is every chance that the blog may not be updated in that time so I am using this opportunity to remind all 2017 anglers that the deposits are due on November 1st.

So, I would appreciate your cooperation in ensuring that payments are made on time and if anyone that finds that they cannot make their 2017 date they should let me know asap so alternative arrangements can be made.


Many thanks, Jim.

The end of another great week.

Well, the weather gods were playing around with us this week with several days of heatwave conditions, several days of heavy rain and several cold, autumn like days but the carp continued to feed and the lads continued to catch. I suppose it really is what autumn fishing is all about and looking ahead it would seem that the hot summer weather has now waved goodbye and we are in for regular, seasonable conditions for the weeks to come.

The fishing saw a total of 56 carp caught (plus a couple of sturgeon) with a good helping of commons among them, in fact 14 commons were banked which is an unusually high percentage. None of the known big girls put in an appearance but still we had 3 x 50’s up to 55lb plus another 19 fish of over 40lb, with half of them being above 45lb. There is no doubt that the heavy spawning this year has seen average weights drop a little however the good news is that the carp are all in superb condition and fighting hard, both in the water and on the bank !!

Top rod of the week was Andy (Bernard) who finished up with 22 carp including a cracking pb common of 53lb 8oz as well as a mirror of 52lb 4oz and another 9 carp of over 40lb. Our old mate and regular Keith Williams was also among the fish with a total of 18 carp (as well as Boris the big sturgeon) and including a lovely common of 47lb 4oz and a mirror of 47lb 10oz in his bag of fish. Chris had 5 carp up to 55lb whilst Robert had 6 fish with a best of 46lb and Andy finished up with 5 carp including a new pb common at 45lb 6oz.

I think most of the pictures has already been posted so I have just added below Keith and Andy’s commons. Lovely fish.


And finally a nice morning shot taken by Robert.


A fresher day or so produces some cracking fish.

It is breakfast on Friday morning and the 5 lads on this week have banked 48 carp so far in conditions that have seen most things other than snow ! The week commenced much as summer has been generally, hot and sultry with barely a breath of wind to stir the lakes surface. Then, on Tuesday night we had our first serious rain for several months which continued through Wednesday and finally petered out during the evening. The sudden influx of cooler water seems to have temporarily moved the fish out of the shallow water where the drop in water temperature would have been felt very quickly. Last night the carp were crashing all over the lake so it would appear that the change in conditions is now settling down and the fish returning to the feed.

Keith Williams has had 14 carp so far including commons of 45lb and 47.4lb plus a brace of 40 commons with a best of 47lb 10oz. Andy (aka Mr Cribbins) iswell on the fish and to date has banked 19 carp including a brace of 50’s (including a stunning 53.8lb common) whilst Chris and Robert have had 6 and 5 carp each. Chris has had a best of 55lb and Robert 46lb and all the fish are in superb condition. Non of the known big girls have shown up this week but there is still a good chance that one or two of them will turn up before the week is concluded. Looking good for next week.

As an aside we have had Stotty and 3 pals fishing days only on Poppy’s lake and they have banked 9 x 30’s and a hat-full of 20’s so far with the smallest fish being 16lb. This lake is certainly coming along nicely and once we remove the smaller fish this winter I am confident that the carp with come along in leaps and bounds weight-wise. Some of the lads are now booking both lakes as for an extra £100 each they can be sure to get a bend in the rod when the lake lake is playing hard. Worth thinking about.

Anyway, some more pictures from this week.

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