Still quiet !

This back-end is proving to be one of the most frustrating I have ever known. Exactly what is happening is difficult to know and although we have many theories the truth is that we are just grasping at straws in our attempt to solve the dilemma. It would appear that a great many lakes over here are suffering in the same way and I am hearing of a good many anglers cutting their holidays short and returning home early due to the very difficult fishing. It is so strange, with the conditions looking good and plenty of carp to be seen rolling and crashing out, however even when fish are to be seen active over the baited area’s takes are still hard to come by. What we do know is that the lakes are full of daphnia, strange at this time of year, and bloodworm are coming back on the leads indication that they are still around in good numbers. The fry are all over the lake rather than shoaling up in the deep water as is usual in the autumn and often we are seeing a scattering of fry followed by the roll of a carp. Whether this is a sign that the carp are feeding heavily on fry or not is a theory that we have but it may just be that the fry are spooking away from the carp rather than being hunted by them. Speaking to other lake owners about this autumns tough fishing it would seem that we all have a variety of theories and assumptions but the truth is that to be perfectly honest we haven’t a clue as to why the fishing is proving to be so difficult at the moment.

Anyway, the lads all caught this week, not in any great numbers but good fish nonetheless. Half the catch came in a 24 hr period when something clicked briefly before returning  to the usual ‘scratching around’. Andy was top rod fishing out of the ‘Island swim’ and caught most of his fish from the shallow water to his left. Andy had mirrors of 53lb 8oz, 47lb 10oz, 46lb and 41lb plus a cracking common of 45lb. Chris managed a trio of nice mirrors at 51lb, 47lb 10oz and 39lb 8oz plus a sturgeon of 50lb whilst Keith banked a 42lb 10oz mirror and Tony a 26lb 10oz mirror. A few heavy fish were lost as well so with a bit of luck the bag could have been a little better.

One thing that I must add is that anyone reading the last couple of weeks blog may feel that they would have done better than the anglers who were here. Trust me when I say that the lads tried just about everything and I cannot imagine that anyone would have done any better – of course if I had decided to wet a line it may have been a different story !!! lol

Anyway, a couple more pictures with Andy showing off his stunning common and Keith his well earned 42lb mirror.

IMG_6719 (1280x853)

IMG_0765 (1280x960)

A very slow week and now a turn for the better !

Last week was our poorest ever recorded at LMDM with the 4 lads having just one carp each as well as the 50lb sturgeon to Paul. Fish were pretty active throughout but takes remained at a premium and it was obvious the carp were interested in anything other than anglers bait. It has been a real head banger, this last couple of weeks, and speaking around it would seem that many lakes have experience much of the same problem. From reports from other anglers a lot of lads were cutting their holidays short due to the slow fishing which would indicate that it was due to high air pressure and perhaps the full moon and clear nights. Even when the lads spent a day or two fishing Poppy’s Lake the carp were elusive and I think the total bag for 3 days fishing was just three carp !! Now that is unheard of in this lake. As ever, we can only guess at why the carp behave in this manner and for my part I have given up on trying to work it out and realise that there is nothing that I or my anglers can do to change it. That’s fishing I’m afraid.

Already this week we are seeing things improve with the 4 anglers having mirror carp of 53.8, 50.6, 47, 46, 42, 39.8 and 28 plus a stunning common of 45lb. Best of all fish are showing all over the lake and we have had 6 carp banked and two lost in the last 24 hrs. Hopefully we have turned the corner and the week will continue to improve.

A few fish from this week so far.

First a 50 for Chris and then a couple of great carp for Andy including a 53lb 8oz mirror.

IMG_0568 (1280x960)

IMG_0747 (1280x960)

IMG_0758 (1280x960)


2016 availability and deposits.

As usual at deposit time we find that some people drop out so I will put latest availability on the blog on a regular basis.

All places are now taken but if you Would like to be put on the waiting list for any spaces that come available then drop me an email with your preferred dates and I will contact you should anything come available.

I would also remind you that deposits for next year are due on the 1st November.

Unpaid deposits will be regarded as cancellation of the booking with the places being then put up for grabs so best not ignore the deadline and contact me if there are any problems.

Tough times in France !!

I am sorry that I have not been updating the blog for the past couple of weeks but to be quite honest the weather has been against us, the carp have been against us and it is only the cheerful disposition of our anglers that has kept me sane !

With the water temperature having cooled to 11c in just a couple of weeks we were always going to find the fishing slow and despite the brave efforts of the lads the carp were few (and well earned) with perhaps the stunning condition of the fish somewhat making up for lack in numbers.

W/c October 10th we had Paul and Mark from Holland, Cumbrian Dave plus Caddy, Andy and Chris. All are regulars and know what the place can produce and each of the lads made sure that the week was a great success irrespective of the conditions. The ever helpful sturgeon at least provided some action with 7 being banked with Dave 31lb. having 5 up to 49lb 8oz and Paul a brace up to 50lb. Dave also had a mirror of 35lb whilst Bob had a couple of lovely carp at 49lb 9oz and 46lb and Caddy a single fish of 31lb. Paul and Mark also had a few hours on Poppy’s Lake where the fishing was slow however they did bag a few with Paul having one of 30lb’s. Despite everything the lads made sure the week was most enjoyable and for that I thank them.

A few pictures from the week.

P1000151 (1280x981)

P1000355 (1280x960)

P1000351 (1280x960)

And a nice mirror for Dave from Poppy’s Lake.

DSC_0014 (1280x1153)

Last was another graced by old friends with Paul (Puffing Billy), Uncle Albert, Chas, Handles and Ian joined by LMDM newbie James.

Once again the carp were showing all over the lake but proved difficult to tempt but James did break his pb by around 20lb’s when he banked a cracking mirror of 60lb 1oz. Not a fish I recognise so unless someone can enlighten me I will chalk it up as another new 60 ! James also had a 30lb mirror whilst Charlie banked a 36lb 8oz carp and Paul had a last gasp 33lb mirror that took him all over the lake resulting in the poor old fellah taking to the water to land it! Good angling Paul is what I say. Trevor (Handles) had a stunning mirror of 46lb 8oz plus a common of 30lb 8oz whilst Ian worked hard for carp of 28lb and 42lb.

It was a frustrating week with so many carp to be seen but so few seemingly willing to feed on the anglers offerings. Whether they are feasting on fry or other naturals is difficult to assess but carp will not expend energy without feeding so me must presume that the strange autumn weather has forced them onto a more easily digested natural diet.

All in all the week was one of great fun with a group of regulars that understand fully the vagaries of carp fishing. I feel sure that next year will see them back amongst the big girls once more !

IMG_4432 (1280x854)

DSC00109 (1280x960)

IMG_4499 (1280x805)

And another lovely fish from Poppy’s Lake – With Uncle Albert this time.

IMG_1367 (1280x1038)


An early taste of winter !

On Sunday Bob had a couple of good 40’s at 46lb and 49lb but then the temperature dropped like a stone giving us night time figures of just above freezing and daytime just rising into single figures. It is more like January that mid October and accordingly the carp have become dormant as they try to get used to such an early winter. Fortunately next week is set to warm up a little so by then the carp may have realised that they better have a good feed whilst they can. Very little carp activity to report with just the occasional fish to be seen topping but other than that very quiet. Dave has banked a trio of sturgeon which is indicative of the carp not mooching around the bait so the lads are now trying all options to see if they can winkle out a lump or two. Here’s hoping !

Oh, and can I remind all those who are visiting us next year that deposits are due on the 1st of November. I have sent everyone an email with an attached booking form.

Roll on the lovely mild autumn weather that we are used to enjoying is what I say.

Great conditions, stunning carp but slow fishing !

With the weather really looking conducive to carping it was with some surprise that we found the week being another grueller and although some great fish graced the net the numbers were much lower than we would have expected. As we have repeatably said, the carp were active, showing and obviously feeding but the fishing itself remained hard and a total of just 13 carp and a trio of sturgeon was disappointing to say the least.

On the bright side the carp are still in tip top condition and although perhaps down a tad in weight (compared with expectations I must add) they remain healthy and will no doubt be showing a good few pounds weight gain by the seasons end.

Best fish of the week was the 61lb 8oz mirror that Ben caught (on one of Johns rods in ‘Gingers Patch’) and Ben then added to his pb tally with a sturgeon of 48lb. Neil was top rod with a catch of 11 carp comprised of mirrors of 45lb 10oz, 45lb, 43lb 3oz, 32lb and 30lb 5oz plus some cracking commons of 47lb 9oz, 45lb, 42lb 10oz, 33lb 10oz and another at 33lb 10oz. John managed a last gasp mid 20 whilst Adam and Michael left with nothing but memories for their week.

As ever with these lads the week was great fun but one where we were all left mystified as to why the catch wasn’t a good bit bigger. If the lake was dead with little activity evident then the slow fishing could be explained however to see so much activity and yet find that the carp were not to be tempted leaves us all rather puzzled. I can honestly say that the longer I am in this game the more that I realise how little I really know about the moods of carp. That’s why it is called fishing and not catching I suppose !!

We also had four regulars fishing Poppy’s this week and although I have not said much about this lake in recent weeks the fishing has been wonderful. The report and pictures can be seen on Poppy’s page.

Some pictures, mainly of Neil and his fish but starting with Ben and his new pb mirror at 61lb 8oz.

DSC_0071 (1280x853) (2)

P1000662 (1280x960)

P1000652 (1280x960)

P1000683 (1280x947)

P1000673 (1280x917)

DSC_0184 (1280x848)

And the North wind blew !

The Chichester lads were on this week and were ‘blessed’ with bright sunny days complete with a very cold North wind. Not the best conditions for carping but despite this a respectable head of fish were banked. Once again there were plenty of carp showing, bubbling and generally making themselves known but as usual in recent weeks takes had to be hard worked for.

I was pleased with the weeks tally of 28 carp considering the poor fishing weather but was disappointed that the rewards of the week weren’t shared in a more even way. Of the six lads three caught well, one had just one fish and two blanked ! Strangely the succesful anglers were spread between the dam end, the middle of the lake and the shallows so the carp were certainly well spread. That’s fishing I’m afraid and I am sure that when they return we will see things even themselves out somewhat.

Anyway, Kieran fished ‘Gingers Patch’ and had 8 carp including a common of 64lb 8oz and mirrors of 44lb, 42lb and 41lb in his catch whilst his father Darren fished the shallows and banked 10 carp including a repeat capture of the 60lb+ common (some weighing problems here) plus mirrors of 49lb 2oz and 42lb 5oz. Pete fished ‘Deliverance’ and had 9 carp including the 64lb 4oz common and a 51lb 8oz mirror.

All in all another challenging week but as usual with the Chichester lads a very enjoyable one.

As you will see from the pictures the carp are really in stunning condition considering we are approaching the latter stages of a long season. Happy days indeed !

Kieran and a few of his carp.

IMG_2155 (1280x853)

IMG_2125 (1280x853)

IMG_2138 (1280x853)

Darren and a carp or two.





And finally Pete and a few of his fish.







This week has started slowly however a couple of lovely fish were banked today including another absolute cracker at 61lb 10oz. The lucky captor ‘Snifter’ has almost doubled his pb in one swoop ! Great stuff.

DSC_0071 (1280x853) (2)