A tad slower !

Firstly can I thank all of you who have taken the trouble to either leave a comment on the blog or email me regarding the sad departing of our dear friend Kai. We all appreciate you taking the time to pass on your memories and condolences of the old chap who will be sorely missed by us all.


The fishing has become a little slower once more this week and the changeable weather would normally signal a commencement of some serious feeding however it would seem that anglers bait is not at the top of the menu list. Some nice fish have been landed including a handful of good 40’s but judging by the amount of bubbling and night time acrobatics I would have expected a few more to have been banked. Quite a few fish have been hooked and lost ance again, a regular occurance this year, and we are once more experiencing plenty of the ‘ghost runs’. It could well be fish trailing a line but my thoughts are that it is carp feeding deep in the silt catching the line on their pectoral fins. We can never be sure but it is damn frustrating whatever the cause !

Some of the fish lost would seem to have been ‘big girls’ from all reports so I am hoping that one or two will show up in the catches before the end of the week.

On wednesday we had a terrific storm blow through the valley and the pergola roof was shredded and several tree’s felled. The paths around the lake are covered in debris, including branches of some size, so tomorrow will be spent trying to make the place look respectable once more. A little gentle rain is falling as I write and as the light faded from the lake I could see plenty of bubbling carp which would indicate that perhaps tonight will be the night !! Let’s wait and see.

The end of a great old friend – Kai !

Most of you regulars will have fond memories of Kai, our much loved Portuguese mountain dog.

A big loveable rogue who passed away as he lived his life – on his own terms. After a week of failing health he decided that a final visit to the vet was not to his liking and as we loaded him into the car this afternoon he breathed his last and went quietly on his way.

Kai loved walking round with the anglers as they toured the lake on Saturday’s and would often put in an appearance at meal times when he would lie in the shade awaiting any handouts that the lads decided to give. He was a tad noisy if the truth be told, but we forgave him that little quirk, and as all who knew him appreciated, he was just big softy who loved nothing more than a cuddle and a fuss from our visitors.

He will be sorely missed by all that knew him.

Rest in peace old fellah.


DSC_0514 (1024x742)

A better week.

Despite the return of the very hot weather the lads have had a good week with 36 carp and a brace of sturgeon being caught. Everyone had at least one new pb with Keiths 69lb mirror being top of the tree. Catches were as follows – Keith, 69lb, 45lb, 44lb, 44lb, 43lb, 43lb, 41lb, 38lb, 36lb, 35lb, 22lb, 20lb and 18lb plus a brace of sturgeon up to 48lb. Jim had both common and mirror pb’s in his catch which comprised commons af 55lb, 53lb and 41lb plus mirrors of 43lb, 43lb, 38lb, 37lb, and 31lb whilst Gary had just a couple of fish but both new pb’s ! The mirror was 50lb 4oz and the common 49lb 8oz. Young Sam had a dozen carp from the shallows including both common and mirror pb’s as well. His catch consisted of mirrors of 46lb, 44lb, 39lb and 38lb plus several 20’s and cracking long common of 42lb.

The heavy baiting certainly turned the carp onto the anglers bait this week and although the hot weather made the fishing far from easy I think the lads caught well in the circumstances. Plenty of crashing was heard at nights and during the daylight hours patches of bubbles were a common occurence so the fish are certainly starting to become far more active. Quite a few heavy fish were lost once again this week and I reckon that this year we have had far more ‘drop offs’ than we normally see. I would think that this is more a sign of fickle feeding than any fault of the anglers and from all reports the culprits are often heavy fish that just decide where they are going and will not turn whatever the pressure the anglers put on. Hook
pulls are the usual result so perhaps it would be a better policy to just let them go and take to the water if necessary to keep in touch. Easy to say from behind the desk but in the middle of the night thought processes are perhaps a tad slower !!

Anyway, final tally for the week was as follows –

I x 60 (69lb)

3 x 50’s

13 x 40’s (up to 49lb 8oz)

8 x 30’s (most upper)

8 x 20’s

3 x doubles

2 x sturgeon

Anyway, another great week in superb company and it really is wetting the appetite for the remainder of the season. The carp are in stunning condition, fighting hard and ready to pack on a good few pounds before the winter. Happy days indeed.

Sam and his last night 42lb common.

100_3232 (1280x960)

A brace of 50 commons for Jim – and a few other nice fish !

The week has been sunny and hot for the most part which is never the best of conditions however the carp seem to be moving around and feeding well and the heavy baiting approach of the lads is certainly paying dividends.

Up to breakfast time this morning we have seen 32 carp banked with a 69lb mirror to Keith, a brace of 50lb commons at 53lb and 55lb to Jim, a 50lb mirror to Gary and a brace of 40’s up to 46lb to young Sam. In total we have had the 60 plus 3 x50’s and 12 x 40’s included in the catch which could have been even better had the several big lumps that were lost been landed. The fish are all in stunning condition and fighting hard which augers well for the remainder of the season. With the carp in such good condition at this stage of the year we can anticipate significant weight gains to be showing up by autumn time. The lads are certainly enjoying themselves with everyone now having at least one new personal best and with another 24hrs to go everyone is anticipating  that another big girls will be gracing the net. Happy days indeed..

Jim and his brace of 50lb+ commons plus another oof over 40lb

IMG_0196 (1280x960)

IMG_0177 (1280x960)

IMG_0158 (1280x960)

A couple more of Keiths carp.IMG_0167 (1280x960)

IMG_0172 (1280x960)

Sam and his 46lb mirror.

100_3149 (1280x960)

Gary and his 50lb mirror.

100_3088 (1280x960)

Getting better.

The extreme heat that we have endured for some weeks now have moderated somewhat and we are back to more ‘normal’ weather conditions which has certainly helped the fishing.

No fireworks as yet (Tuesday breakfast) but we have still have some quality carp banked and several other good fish lost. Top rod so far is Keith Hunt who added a trio of 40’s to his tally overnight. Using a big spread of 14mm boilies (almost 20 kilo so far) Keith has bagged fish of 69lb, 45lb, 44lb, 44lb, 43lb, 36lb and a 20lb and the amount of activity over his bait would indicate that a good few more will succumb to his rods during the week. Jim has had carp of 43lb, 41lb and 37lb with the larger fish being a stunning linear. Sam has had 3 carp up to 38lb whilst his father Gary has had a cracking mirror of 50lb 4oz.

Bloodworm are being seen on baits and leads throughout the day and the swallow activity over the lake indicates that heavy hatches are still taking place. Once the bloodworm boom is over the carp will be far more willing to come in on the anglers bait so the remaining weeks of the season look primed for some special catches.

Pictured below are Jim and his stunning linear mirror and Gary with his 50lb 4oz mirror. Both are new pb’s for the lads.

IMG_0103 (1280x960)

100_3086 (1280x960)

Spooky !!

Yesterday evening Keith Hunt had the very sad news that his long time friend and fishing partner Ginger, had passed away after a long fight with cancer. Ging was a regular and Le Moulin du Mee and shared a bumper catch of big carp with Keith whilst fishing ‘Sams’ swim. Included in that catch was the ‘Drop Scale’ mirror at just under 60lb. Last night I said to Keith ‘ Ging will be keeping an eye on you tonight’ and Keith texed his friends with the news of Gingers demise adding that he would be catching ‘Gingers fish’ that night. As you will guess, ‘Gingers’ fish’ is Drop Scale who has not been out since just before spawning and we are eager to see how she is fairing after the rigours of the spawning cycle. Well, you can’t make up story’s like this – Keith bagged the ‘Drop Scale mirror’ at 69lb last night !! Spooky or what !!

Ginger (Brian) was a great fellah and although I have only known him whilst he was fighting cancer he was always a cheerful, friendly and incredibly brave man that all of us at LMDM feel privileged to have know. As a small gesture we will be re-naming ‘Sams swim’ to Gingers patch’ in memory of a fine angler and man.

Anyway, pictures of Keiths ‘spooky capture’ follow.

IMG_0121 (1280x960)

IMG_0133 (1280x960) (2)

IMG_0143 (1280x960)

A week with old friends.

This week just past saw my old friends Laurence and Tony back at the lake along with their fishing pals, Derek and Steve. The weather once again saw temperatures soaring into the 30c region and although we did have a night of rain at the end of the week the fishing remained challenging with plenty of fish evidently feeding but unfortunately, anglers baits were not at the top of the menu board. Derek had some really big fish feeding almost under his rod tips, as he fished his pair of Richard Walker Mk 1V’s, but couldn’t buy a bite – most frustrating ! It was still a most enjoyable week and with 18 carp banked not a bad one in the conditions. The big girls once more remained elusive and the reason is undoubtedly the amount of bloodworm around this year. The air above the lake has been alive with clouds of feeding swallows that were taking the hatching ‘buzzers’ and we also saw lots of bloodworm coming in on anglers bait and leads. With so much carp activity it is obvious that they are steadily feeding on naturals and I believe that it is going to take a heavy baiting campaign to fully wean them onto the anglers bait. Last weeks lads were very experienced ‘old school’ anglers who shy away from heavily baiting whilst the week just started see’s equally experienced anglers on the lake who have a history of fishing over big beds of bait. I will be interested to see how things work out.

Anyway, the week saw Derek bag six fish up to 38lb 12oz, Laurence have six carp including 4 high 30’s and a 40, Tony have 4 carp up to 45lb 12oz plus a sturgeon and Stephen a brace at 35lb and 44lb. All the carp were in good condition and seemed to have now put spawning behind them and will be piling on the weight for the remainder of the year. Good fishing lads.

The 4 anglers that started fishing yesterday have already banked 7 carp including a rather memorable catch for Keith Hunt…….a bit Spooky in fact !!

Check up on the following post.

A few pics from the week.

IMG_0761 (1280x853)


04_ MDM2015 (1280x848)

IMG_0787 (1042x1280)

02_ MDM2015 (1) (1280x853)

Update on past two weeks.

Well, I have arrived home to find the land parched and cracked and the tree’s looking rather sad in the extreme heat. Fortunately the lakes look to be in fine fettle with just a little green tinge from the algae but otherwise seemingly in good condition. The fishing this week has been better than the previous week although it is fair to say that the fishing has not been particularly easy and continues to suffer from the high summer blue’s that the continuing heatwave provides for us. Night time temperatures remain in the mid to high 20’s centigrade and daytimes will see the mercury rise to the high 30’s. The storms that usually provide some respite from the heat (and improve the fishing) have been passing us by and the occasional one that does reach us is short in duration with just a brief deluge of rain and then back to sunshine once more. Having said all that the lads did manage 30 fish this week composed of 26 carp and 4 sturgeon. Jason bagged nine carp including a trio of 40’s whilst Rene had 8 carp including mirrors of 40, 41, 49.8 and 50lb’s. Lee had five carp up to 42lb 12oz whilst Sean  managed three 20’s and Andy one carp of 29lb 14oz. Our old mate Chilly had to make do with just a 47lb sturgeon. All in all it would seem that the lads enjoyed their week greatly and I look forward to seeing them again next year. Total catch was  1 x 50, 6 x 40, 9 x 30 and 10 x 20 plus 4 sturgeon. The previous week saw Don bag carp of 49lb 15oz, 45lb 15oz, 45lb, 41lb 8oz and Mak had fish of 44lb, 38lb, 36lb and 21lb 8oz whilst Ray managed carp of 46lb, 44lb, 40lb, 40lb and 26lb.. Sean had a brace of smaller mirrors at 21lb and 18.8lb. and Tony had carp of 38lb, 36lb and 26lb plus sturgeon of 25lb and 48lb. Gary had a trio of carp at 33lb, 30lb and 28lb. It is fair to say that the heat wave this year has really had an adverse effect on the fishing with the big girls in particular being extremely elusive. When you consider that at last winters netting there were more carp in the 50’s than 20’s counted it is clear that generally the smaller fish are homing in on the anglers bait whilst the bulk of the big fish are most likely staying on naturals which are more easily digested. I anticipate that once the weather breaks we will start to see some spectacular catches and considering that many of the known big fish have yet to be banked this year we could see something special gracing the net. The lakes both remain at decent levels despite the drought but a a couple of days of rain would freshen things up nicely. I always feel that a good top up of fresh water works wonders for the fishing after a long hot spell so looking ahead to this weeks weather forecast it could well happen sooner rather than later. Here’s hoping !! A few pictures from this week. No particular oder but just those I managed to take off camera’s this morning. Jason will be emailing his to me and when I get them I will add them to this post. DSC03030 (1280x852)





DSC02998 (1280x852)





DSC03035 (1280x852) DSC03039 (1280x852) DSC03048 (1280x852)



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Back again – brief update.

Sorry for the quiet blog in recent weeks by I have been away and Jimmy was otherwise  occupied so I will give a brief update (back only 30 mins ) and will give more details tomorrow.

Last week saw the weather turn cooler and the lads managed to bank 25 carp including 10 over 40lb. So far this week a similar number of carp have been banked, up to 50lb, and once again the weather is extremely hot. All is looking well with the lake and with the big girls due to put in an appearance sometime soon a cracking catch is on the cards for coming weeks.

Complete update tomorrow.