Much of the same.

Last night and this morning saw the shallows alive with spawning carp. The big lily bed is shredded by the carps thrashing and the tree line all along both banks of the shallows is also being well used by the carp. This morning James caught a pristine 42lb mirror that was still carrying spawn so it would seem that we will be seeing much of the same for at least the next 24hrs.

A few more pictures taken this morning.


Hard at it !

The carp have been spawning like mad all night and now all day with the shallows being stirred to a muddy soup and the Lilly pads ripped apart as they go about their nuptials. After a hectic night of spawning we were surprised to find that the carp continued in the same frenzied fashion all day long and as I write this blog it is early evening and still the carp can be seen tearing up the shallows in their efforts to shed spawn. This morning James stood on the point and watched a huge mirror (Single Scale he thought) being lifted bodily from the water by an even longer common. With a forecast of continued warm weather I feel confident that the next day or so will see the spawning cycle completed for now and the carp getting back to concentrating on food rather than breeding.

With all this going on we still saw another 3 fish banked with Steve landing a 44lb mirror and a low 30 whilst James had a mid afternoon mirror of 41lb 4oz. Thankfully these fish looked fresh and clean and not in a spawny condition at all.

With so much spawning going on the lads are thinking of leaving tomorrow rather than fishing for carp in these circumstances. Good on yer is what I say !!

A few pictures.


And a couple of the spawning fish.


The beginning of the spawning saga !

The fishing has been slow this week with the arrival of hot, sunny days and the lift in water temperatures that herald the carps spawning activities. In front of Deliverance Steve has already seen carp spawning among the clumps of blanket week that have gathered there. The rest of the lake remains quiet but judging by the water temperature things are now just about perfect for the carp to perform. We are running the new aeration system 24/7 at the moment to ensure that conditions are as good as we can make them and the water looks fresher than I can ever remember at this time of year. Perhaps it is due to the slow arrival of spring or perhaps partially as a result of the new aeration but whatever, I cannot remember a year when all looked so good for getting the spawning cycle underway as it does now.

The fishing has been far from easy however we have still seen 12 fish banked including 3 x 50’s at 56lb and 57lb to Steve and 52lb 12oz to James. In all, Steve has had 5 carp, Dale 4 fish including a brace of 40’s at 46lb and 48lb whilst James has had 3 carp topped by his first ever 50.

The lake is looking at its best as I write with the warm sunshine bringing forth the last of the leaves to show and all has that freshness that is a sure sign of spring. The birds continue to sing merrily away, both day and night, and the tree frogs are croaking away at a volume that belies their small size. We can now hope that the carp will be able to complete their spawning in as short a time as possible and with conditions forecast to remain good that is a distinct possibility. In the last couple of years we have been dogged by constantly changing conditions at this critical time of year which has resulted in staggered spawning periods that have lasted for several weeks rather than days. With a little luck this will be a short but successful period of thrashing around and then we will be back to seeing some good catches once more. Amen to that !

An early morning bonus.

After all being quite for several days there were 3 runs this morning, all at around 8am. The resulting action produced a loss of a big fish for Chris after a 15 minute scrap, a 52lb mirror to James and a 56lb mirror to Steve. The fish were in stunning condition, fought very hard and didn’t look full of spawn ! Perhaps the colder nights are encouraging the fish to feed a little more. Will be an interesting few days ahead methinks.

Spawning on their minds !

It is Monday evening and just a 40lb common has graced the bank so far this week. A lovely scale perfect fish but heavy with spawn and with the vent partially open. This would lead me to believe that spawning will be happening any day now, in fact Steve has already reported seeing several smaller carp thrashing around in the bay adjacent to ‘Deliverance’.

With the sun now putting in a daily appearance and temperatures slowly climbing it is the first time this year that I can announce that spring is truly here. Out feathered friends are in great spirits and the level of birdsong is reaching the crescendo that heralds territory battles, egg laying and all the joys of breeding before the reality of finding enough food for a large brood sets in. Sounds a tad familiar don’t you think ?

Our grebes are still with us so with a bit of luck they may manage to breed on the lake this season. For several years now they have moved off to nest elsewhere, probably due to the amount of tidying up around the lake we have done that will have removed many potential nesting sites. This year we have deliberately ensured that in the out of way places there are branches sitting in the water which should be perfect for the grebes. We will see.

With the settled weather looking likely to be with us for some time I will endeavor to keep you all informed on the situation with spawning. I also hope I will be able to report another good fish or two so fingers crossed for that.

A cold week and the fishing is a tad slower.

The week has been a funny old mixture of watery sunshine, very cold nights and a slow, but perceptible warming up as the week progressed. The extreme drop in night temperatures certainly didn’t help the fishing which resulted in most fish being caught in the daylight hours. With the odd heavy frost greeting dawn it was with some relief that a gradual warming of the weather gave us a much better end to the week. The bird life is very vocal at the moment with nest building taking place all around the lakes and the absence of the kingfishers would indicate that they are cosily sitting on eggs at the moment. We have had a pesky heron craftily stalking a mallard and her 3 duckling. I only noticed it yesterday so there is no telling how many fluffy little balls of feathers she has already made a meal of ! Such is nature.

Anyway, the catch for the week was a little down on previous weeks with 40 carp being banked plus a new lake record for sturgeon at 57lb. Of the carp the pick must be Tony’s 61lb 15oz common which was a new pb for the fellah…..lovely ! Backing that up were 4 x 50’s at 52lb 4oz, 52lb 11oz, 53lb and 55lb 12oz plus another 11 carp of over 40lb. Of the 40’s there were 7 of over 45lb which would indicate that, as in the earlier weeks, we have a large band of carp that should be into the 50’s by this time next year if not before.

Individual catches were as follows – 15 carp for John (including a 50 and several high 40’s), 9 carp for Lee (up to 48lb), 5 carp for Steve (including a brace of 50’s), 5 to Tony (best being the 61lb 15oz common), 5 for Alec (including a 50 and 3 very high 40’s) and with Christine just landing a 29lb 15oz mirror. Chris fished hard and well all week but the fish just were staying away from the deep water in front of Zippies. Next time Chris !

The new aeration system appears to be giving a ‘turbo boost’ to the carp and the fights have often been out of all proportion to the size of the fish.Well oxygenated water would seem to the the reason the fights have been so protracted so happy days for that. Tony hooked his 60 common in ‘Gingers Patch’ and eventually landed it 3 swims up near ‘Sanctuary’ – all credit to Tony for taking to the water and following the fish up the lake.

At the moment we have the roach spawning all round the margins and the carp are showing all the signs that they will be spawning the moment the water reaches the 18c mark. That could well be this week so keep an eye on the blog for updates.

Poppy’s lake has also fished well (when doesn’t it ?) with Neil catching 4 x 30’s and a hatfull of 20’s in the haul of 92 carp and Gary having 84 carp, once again with a stack of 20’s up to 29lb. As ever the fish scrapped like fish of twice the size and the lads had a fantastic week and will be back again to enjoy a regular bend in the rod next year.

And now some pictures.


Magic moments with a split cane rod ! !

This week has been rather special for us with not only a cracking number of fish being caught but to see a 70 a 60 and a 50 caught on a home made split cane rod was really something special. Brian built his rod when he was 16 years old (a long time ago for sure) and never imagined that he would enjoy such a catch using it. Well done that man.

All in all the week started slowly and then seemed to gain momentum and we saw the ‘Drop Scale’ mirror out at 72lb, a 61lb 8oz common and another 9 fish of over 50lb banked by close  of play on Saturday morning. Backing that up were 11 good 40’s and a good mix of 30’s,20’s and a few doubles giving a final tally of 56 carp banked for the week.

The weather was all over the place so it was especially pleasing to see so many good fish caught and judging from the overall condition of the carp and the protracted scraps they are giving I feel that the new lake bed aeration system is certainly contributing to success of the fishery at the moment. It will be good to see how things pan out in the hot summer months but I am quietly confident that the fishing will be better than is usual at that time.

Anyway, individual catches are seven carp for Nigel with a best of 44lb 2oz, just a brace for Paul including a 51lb 4oz common, 18 carp for Brian including fish of 72lb, 61lb 8oz (common) and 54lb 14oz whilst Steve fished the shallows for 20 carp including mirrors of 55lb 14oz, 55lb 14oz  and 56lb. Martin had a lovely brace of 50’s at 53lb 4oz and 54lb whilst Alan had six carp with a best of 49lb 12oz (common). A brace of tench weighing 7lb apiece were also caught which I am always pleased to see.

Well done to all concerned.

The late arrival of spring weather continues to be a nuisance and we really need a good settled warm spell before long if the carp are to have a successful spawning season. The past few years have been problematic with temperatures never settling properly until early summer when spawning should already have been completed. Fingers crossed for a good warm front to move in and stay a while ! Despite this the cuckoo’s are in good spirits in the mornings and the nightingales are singing all night as the males advertise their nest building skills to the flighty females. The song of life that seems to have an echo in our world as well !! lol

Some pictures of the lads and a few of the carp banked during the week.

DSC_0193 - Copy

IMG_0675 - CopyDSC_0177 - CopyDSC_0146 - CopyDSC_0139 - CopyDSC_0295 - CopyIMG_2909 - CopyIMG_2949 - CopyIMG_2986 - CopyIMG_3046 - CopyIMG_0091 - CopyIMG_0096 - Copy


A wet, wet week !

The week that has just come to an end was one of sunny spells during the day and constant rain for much of the night. The water was warming up nicely when the sun shone encouraging the carp to move up into the shallows but the constant rain soon dampened their spirits, as it did ours, and as a consequence the fishing was far from easy. When the sun blessed up with a visit all seemed good with the world, the birds sang, the shirts came off and there was an air of tranquility about the lakes however when the sky turned dark, the wind blew and the rain swept down the valley then it seemed that we were back into winter once more.

Having said all that we still managed to see some beautiful fish banked, including 5 big 50’s, however the carp appeared to spend their time either in the shallows at one end of the lake or in the shallower water at the far end of the dam. As a consequence the swims fishing the middle of the lake really struggled with Russ managing just a 37lb common, Tony had a brace of mirrors at 38lb and 47lb plus a 55lb sturgeon and our dear old friend, Smiler Jim had his first ever blank at LMDM. Keith moved from ‘Middle Ground’ to fish the shallows on Wednesday and finished up with carp of 48lb (common),46lb 10oz, 40lb 4oz, 39lb 8oz and 36lb 8oz. Paul fished the ‘Sanctuary’ swim from the off and put together a cracking bag of fish including 3 x 50’s at 58lb 4oz, 56lb 6oz and 56lb. Paul had 17 carp in all and proved that shallow water can still produce some really big carp. Andy fished ‘Deliverance’ and also did well to bank 10 carp including 50’s of 55lb 8oaz and 56lb 4oz (common) plus another 8 carp including some more big 40’s. One odd things about this season is that only one of our known ‘big girls’ has shown up in catches. With over 30 x 50’s and 3 x 60’s already banked it is anyone’s guess what will happen when the fish come on the feed in earnest.

The total bag for the week was 5 x 50’s (all of them over 55lb), 9 x 40’s, 13 x 30’s and 7 x 20’s. The smaller fish were nearly all male carp that were hanging around the shallows in hope of some spawning excitement. Not this week lads !!

This morning we christened our new aeration system and very impressive it is to. With 12 lake bed diffusers now in place the resulting boost in aerated water plus the water turnover and circulation should both help the fishing in the difficult summer periods as well as ensuring the health of the carp when conditions would normally leave us with depleted oxygen levels. An added bonus is that with aeration taking place at lake bed level it will improve the natural processes in breaking down the silt. A really positive move for the fishery without doubt.

And now some pictures.

A few scenices taken by Anmdy Pandy.