2018 Availability.

2018 availability.

Just a couple of places for w/c June 23rd now available plus one place for w/c July 14th and 3 places for w/c August 25th.

If interested best let me know asap.


A lean week followed by….

The week just past was rather frustrating for the lads with enough fish showing to indicate that they were well on the feed but seemingly not overly interested in the anglers bait. With just 15 carp landed it will go down as one of our slowest weeks of the year which is really quite puzzling as the anglers were all experienced lads, the carp were obviously feeding and tactics were changed constantly in an attempt to catch. One man did hit it right though and that was Rich who finished his week on 8 fish, all good fish as well with weights of 55lb 8oz, 51lb 10oz, 48lb 8oz, 46lb 6oz, 46lb (common), 45lb 4oz, 36lb and 33lb. Well done that man. At least the other lads all managed a fish or two which, considering the low total, was a real plus.

The Saturday changeover, as ever, saw a change in the fishing with Ian bagging a mid 30 common last night and this morning a delighted Lee bagged the ‘Cut Tail’ common at 64lb. Well earned lad. There were also several hook pulls during the night meaning that with a bit of luck the Sunday morning total could have been a good bit higher.

The weather has continued to be very cool for the time of year and last night the temperature dropped to just 9c. This morning we are enjoying some well needed rain and temperatures are not forecast to rise above the 13c mark although they will be creeping up once more as the week progresses.

Find below a couple of pictures of Richards fish.

FullSizeRender (5)IMG_1642 (2)

Weil’s disease !

I have just noticed that a carp angler is currently suing a French Carp Fishery due to him contracting Weil’s disease (allegedly) whilst on holiday last year. It would seem from the report that lake water was being pumped into the facility for use in showering and washing up. It is a very sad case in as much that the angler has been very ill for some time and the lake owners must be concerned about their livelihood. Losers all round.

Now this sad event raises some important issues with Weil’s disease and fishing generally, whether in the UK or France. It is a fact that rodents carry the disease and it is passed on via their urine. Everyone should be aware of this risk and take the sensible precautions to ensure that the risk is minimized wherever possible. I was told that in the famous Brenne national park where more carp are bred than anywhere else in Europe until recent years the biggest killer of those workers in the fish farming industry was Weil’s disease. A sobering thought.

Always carry anti bacterial wipes and ensure that things like mugs and plates are washed in clean water if possible but never leave them lying around. Anything left outside the bivvy is a risk from rodents and despite what you may be told, all lakes and rivers have rats and mice on their banks. Being aware of the risk is important and taking every precaution could save your life, or at the very least save you from a debilitating illness.

Open wounds, however small, need to be covered up and if necessary treated with antiseptic. You can’t be to careful.

Finally let me assure you that all tap and shower water at Le Moulin du Mee is mains water, the same as in your home, so that risk is taken away for you however be sure to use the sink in the shower block for washing plates, etc.

Oh ! and enjoy your fishing !!

Now that’s what I call a ‘Good Week’ !

The lads decided to reel in last night and get some well earned sleep before the long trek home however we still had another 50 to Ian at 51lb 8oz and a couple of 30’s bagged.

The lads did really well in much cooler conditions and the final tally for the 4 anglers was 58 carp. This comprised ……

1 x 60 at     62lb 4oz (common)

13 x 50’s at

Commons – 57lb 8oz , 57lb 8oz,

Mirrors – 57lb, 56lb 8oz, 56lb, 55lb 4oz, 54lb 8oz, 53lb, 52lb, 51lb 8oz, 50lb, 50lb, 50lb.

14 x 40’s at 48lb 8oz, 48lb, 48lb, 47lb 8oz, 47lb, 46lb, 46lb, 45lb, 43lb, 43lb, 43lb, 42lb, 42lb, 41lb.

18 x 30’s

11 x 20’s

1 x single !!

The carp were well spread out and showing all over the lake at times so catches were good for all of the lads although LMDM newbie Ian (previous pb 22lb) had a week for the record books with his pb rising with nearly every fish caught. Ian finished the week on 18 carp from Gingers Patch including 4 x 50’s with a best of 57lb 8oz along with 6 x 40’s including  4 of over 45lb plus 6 x 30’s and 2 x 20’s. The lad did well ! Gareth finished his week with 10 carp including a brace of 50’s whilst Jim bagged the best of the week with a 62lb 4oz common. Jim also had another 3 carp of over 50lb in his catch including another superb common of 57lb 8oz. Funnily enough Keith also had a 57lb 8oz common in his 16 fish catch, it was one of 4 x 50’s that Keith caught.

The secret to the success of this weeks group was bait, bait and more bait ensuring that the carp fed confidently and made mistakes. Three of the lads are regulars and Keith also was involved in one of the best 2 man catches a few years ago when he fished with the now demised Ginger and shared a huge catch of big carp over large beds of bait. They also used a new boilie to me which under the Starbaits label called Signal. Apparently it is made for them by Sensas and I must say it certainty produced the goods this week.

We had some rain last night, enough to wet the ground, where it was just soaked up, but not enough to impact on the lake level. Having said that the lower water levels seem to bother us more than the carp and as the lads were packing up this morning there were fish topping all over. As I have mentioned in earlier posts the big girls all were down in weight after spawning and the very hot summer however they seem to be gradually getting back to their best now that conditions have improved. If you look at the weight of many of this weeks catch it is easy to see that by the spring we are looking to have a good many more 50’s in the lake and certainly more than a handful more of 60lb plus. One disturbing fact is that our old friend ‘Single Scale’ has failed to show up in catches after coming out at a very much reduced weight earlier in the year. Not a good omen considering that she was a regular on the bank in previous years. We shall see.


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now for a few pictures from this week.


Cut Tail out at 62lb 4oz.

Another decent night for the lads saw the total for the week rise to 33 carp with last nights fish including another 50, a new pb (again) to Ian, and the ‘Cut Tail’ common at a weight of 62lb 4oz. The big girl is still a long way off her best weight as we expected however her condition is now back to its best so a good autumn feed and she should be piling the pounds back on. Seeing her out in this condition is a real bonus from us as after her disastrous accident last year we feared that we had lost her. Funnily enough Jim, the lucky captor, also had her during a previous visit in 2016. Happy days indeed.

With the total for the week so far including a 60 and 6 x 50lb+ fish it would seem that the big girls are starting to get on the feed at last. Water levels are the lowest we have ever experienced here at LMDM however the cooler weather has lowered water temperatures to a more respectable 20c and that should now slowly reduce as autumn approaches. Lots of fish are to be seen at the moment with plenty of the seductive head and tailing that indicates feeding fish accompanied by the occasional lump crashing out. All we need now is some sustained rain and the final weeks of the season could be rather special.

Some pictures of ‘Cut Tail’ plus a another of Jim with his 56lb mirror and Keith with a 53lb mirror.


That’s 5 x 50’s so far this week.

The week has turned a good bit cooler and although the rain still refuses to arrive the carp seem to have settled down to some regular feeding. Already this week we have seen the 4 lads bank 25 carp including five of over 50lb. Last night Jim had a second 50, a mirror at 56lb which beats his previous pb mirror set a couple of days ago at 55lb 4oz. Keith has had a 53lb mirror and Gareth a brace of 50’s at 50lb and 52lb whilst Ian has moved his previous pb through the stages of 39.8lb, 43lb, 45lb, and last night another pb at 47lb. The fish remain on top notch condition and the low water levels seem to bother us more than the carp. Everything is looking good with lots of carp showing and certainly responding to the heavy baiting these lads always do well on. I think the best is yet to come so watch this space.

Deposits for 2018.

I thought that I would post a reminder to all those of you booked in for 2018 that deposits will need to be paid by November 1st please.

As you will know we have been forced to put prices up a little for next year and although it has been on the website for some months I have posted details below to avoid any confusion.

Individual angler – £375 (deposit £175)

Lake exclusive – £2200 (deposit £1000)

Non fishing guest remains at £100

All other prices remain unchanged for 2018.

Tight lines, Jim.


The lads have had a great start to the week with 5 carp out on the first night including a trio of 50’s. Keith had a 53lb mirror, Gareth a 50lb mirror and Jim and 55lb 4oz common. Looking good for the rest of the week with cooler weather and even a little rain due….Happy days !

Some pretty poor pictures of the lads.

A strange week I must say !

The lads have recently left the lake after watching the carp enjoying a breakfast time gambol with perhaps more fish showing than for the rest of the week. Having said that the lake has been far from quiet with plenty of carp showing, even in the hottest weather. All the lads managed a few fish however the average size was, without doubt, one of the lowest of the season. It would seem that the bigger fish were reluctant to take the anglers bait which left the rich pickings to the smaller denizens of the lake and with just four carp of over 40lb included in the 27 fish catch it seemed that we were back in the ‘good old days’ when a 40 was cause for celebration for us all. Having said that we did see Leicester Tom come up trumps with a lovely brace of 50’s, both new pb’s for the lad. The biggest was a cracking, almost leather, mirror carp of 57lb 4oz which pipped the wonderful 52lb 8oz common he caught a night or so earlier. Mitch had the other two larger fish with a 48lb 4oz mirror and a 41lb 4oz common but other than that most of the fish caught were 30’s or even smaller. It just goes to show what a peculiar season this has been. With a constant drought being experienced for the whole of 2017 meaning water levels are down everywhere and when accompanied by a heatwave, that has been almost unbroken for nearly 4 months now the fish have certainly been affected. Water temperatures of up to 30c for part of July and August has contributed to the carp feeding far less than is usual resulting in lower fish weights than we would normally see at this time of year. The carp all seem healthy enough but in most cases a little on the thin side in the flanks where heavy summer feeding should have replaced the weight lost at spawning time. The hot water also resulted in us losing a good head of our larger pike who just could not survive in such extreme conditions. Thankfully the carp are a good bit hardier and just settled back to eating less ! Temperatures are now beginning to moderate which will help the fishing in the coming weeks but we are still awaiting the rain and looking at the forecast all we are likely to see are some scattered showers later in the week. Well, at least pestilence, plagues of locusts and earthquakes have given us a miss so not all is bad……Yet !!!

Anyway, with more regulars on this week we are hoping to see more of the bigger fish gracing the net so watch this space.

Now some pictures of the lads and their fish. There are also a couple of nice pictures that Lee took this morning of rising carp….very nice.

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