As I will be away for a couple of weeks there is every chance that the blog may not be updated in that time so I am using this opportunity to remind all 2017 anglers that the deposits are due on November 1st.

So, I would appreciate your cooperation in ensuring that payments are made on time and if anyone that finds that they cannot make their 2017 date they should let me know asap so alternative arrangements can be made.


Many thanks, Jim.

The end of another great week.

Well, the weather gods were playing around with us this week with several days of heatwave conditions, several days of heavy rain and several cold, autumn like days but the carp continued to feed and the lads continued to catch. I suppose it really is what autumn fishing is all about and looking ahead it would seem that the hot summer weather has now waved goodbye and we are in for regular, seasonable conditions for the weeks to come.

The fishing saw a total of 56 carp caught (plus a couple of sturgeon) with a good helping of commons among them, in fact 14 commons were banked which is an unusually high percentage. None of the known big girls put in an appearance but still we had 3 x 50’s up to 55lb plus another 19 fish of over 40lb, with half of them being above 45lb. There is no doubt that the heavy spawning this year has seen average weights drop a little however the good news is that the carp are all in superb condition and fighting hard, both in the water and on the bank !!

Top rod of the week was Andy (Bernard) who finished up with 22 carp including a cracking pb common of 53lb 8oz as well as a mirror of 52lb 4oz and another 9 carp of over 40lb. Our old mate and regular Keith Williams was also among the fish with a total of 18 carp (as well as Boris the big sturgeon) and including a lovely common of 47lb 4oz and a mirror of 47lb 10oz in his bag of fish. Chris had 5 carp up to 55lb whilst Robert had 6 fish with a best of 46lb and Andy finished up with 5 carp including a new pb common at 45lb 6oz.

I think most of the pictures has already been posted so I have just added below Keith and Andy’s commons. Lovely fish.


And finally a nice morning shot taken by Robert.


A fresher day or so produces some cracking fish.

It is breakfast on Friday morning and the 5 lads on this week have banked 48 carp so far in conditions that have seen most things other than snow ! The week commenced much as summer has been generally, hot and sultry with barely a breath of wind to stir the lakes surface. Then, on Tuesday night we had our first serious rain for several months which continued through Wednesday and finally petered out during the evening. The sudden influx of cooler water seems to have temporarily moved the fish out of the shallow water where the drop in water temperature would have been felt very quickly. Last night the carp were crashing all over the lake so it would appear that the change in conditions is now settling down and the fish returning to the feed.

Keith Williams has had 14 carp so far including commons of 45lb and 47.4lb plus a brace of 40 commons with a best of 47lb 10oz. Andy (aka Mr Cribbins) iswell on the fish and to date has banked 19 carp including a brace of 50’s (including a stunning 53.8lb common) whilst Chris and Robert have had 6 and 5 carp each. Chris has had a best of 55lb and Robert 46lb and all the fish are in superb condition. Non of the known big girls have shown up this week but there is still a good chance that one or two of them will turn up before the week is concluded. Looking good for next week.

As an aside we have had Stotty and 3 pals fishing days only on Poppy’s lake and they have banked 9 x 30’s and a hat-full of 20’s so far with the smallest fish being 16lb. This lake is certainly coming along nicely and once we remove the smaller fish this winter I am confident that the carp with come along in leaps and bounds weight-wise. Some of the lads are now booking both lakes as for an extra £100 each they can be sure to get a bend in the rod when the lake lake is playing hard. Worth thinking about.

Anyway, some more pictures from this week.

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A touch of the wet stuff !

It has rained steadily all night and already the lake level has moved up by an inch or so. Just what we needed. This morning the rain is due to leave us however temperatures look to be a far more acceptable low 20’s rather than the 30c+ levels seen for many weeks now. All is looking good for the weeks ahead with moderate weather and the odd shower or two. Happy days.

The lads have continued to catch on a regular basis with all 5 of them getting among the fish. The tally up to Thursday morning is 43 carp with a good few more lost due to hookpulls so the total could have been even higher. We have had 3 x 50’s out so far but to be honest the average size of the carp caught is a little lower than we are used to seeing. Some nice mid 40’s have been caught but there have also been a lot of mid to upper 30’s along with some 20’s in the catch. It is obvious that most of these fish have been completely spawned out and perhaps not feeding  heavily in the very hot weather. The coming weeks should see all the carp putting on some nice weight as conditions become more conducive to feeding. Looking good !

Another 50 for Andy.

Last night was a little disappointing for us as we had storms flashing and rumbling all around us but rain wise all we saw were about 6 drops ! Looking more hopeful today thankfully. The last couple of days have been so hot and muggy that the fishing has slowed somewhat however we did have another 6 carp landed overnight with the best being a cracking pb common for Andy weighing in a tad over 53lb. Lovely fish pictured below.


So far, so good !

This week has seen a good steady flow of carp on the bank with 23 already caught by Tuesday morning. The weather has continued to be very hot and sultry so I feel the lads are doing very nicely in not the best of conditions. The next few days are forecast to be far cooler and unsettled with the chance of a storm or two and certainly some well needed rain. Hopefully it will arrive as promised !

Anyway, everyone has caught and although the big girls are elusive so far we still have seen a succesion of good fish landed, all fighting hard and in great condition. Having said that we have had one mid 40 that scrapped hard, looks to be fit as can be but has a measles like rash on its flanks. We have seen this before, most seasons in fact, and the fish certainly are not unhealthy and will be spot free by the time we see them on the bank again however, I would love to know what it is ? I study all the information that I can find on the web turns regarding carp ailments, rashes as sharing lots of koi keepers wisdom but have found nothing to compare with what this carp exhibits. Most strange I must say and if anyone out there can throw some light on it I would be most grateful

Well, that said the fish have been fighting extremely hard once again and in many cases beating the captors up when they are on the mat. All is looking good for the remainder of the week with lots of fish crashing out all over the lake overnight and all swims producing. Happy days.

Individual catches see Andy (AKA Mr Cribbins) do rather well after a slow start and already he has banked 9 carp Including a 52lb mirror and a 45lb common. His other fish were 47lb, 46.12lb, 46.2lb, 42lb plus a mid 30 and a couple of high 20’s. Keith Williams is on 7 carp so far with a best of 42.8lb with the remainder being mainly good 30’s. Keith has just moved from Gingers to Zippies and I feel he could do rather well there in the next few days. Andy has had 3 good 30’s and Robert a couple of fish from the shallows with a best of 46lb whilst poor old Chris has had a slowish start with just a couple of fish so far including a 8lb common !!!

Now where did that come from ?

Some pictures below for you.

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Sods Law !

It really is ‘sods law’ that the first week that we have free all season see’s the weather turn cooler and the carp to turn on in style. This morning there were carp fizzing happily all over the lake and this evening I sat, supping a beer, on the dam and watched several strings of bubbles move in a most determined way. It is obvious that the change in weather has encouraged the carp to feed in earnest and sadly it has coincided with that rare occurrence – no anglers on the lake !

The very hot summer has taken its toll on the landscape though and the grass is burned to a dull brown more reminiscent of Africa than middle France. The tree’s are starting to shed leaves due to lack of water and our hedge of dogwood is showing signs of die back like we have never seen before. The blackberry bushes that line the far side of the dam are rich in well ripened berry’s but due to the lack of rain they are hard and woody instead of soft and juicy so I doubt if the anglers due in the coming weeks will enjoy a homemade blackberry and apple pie. The birds seem happy enough though and the blackbirds are feeding avidly on the berry’s so it would seem they are less fussy than us humans. One pleasing sight is the kingfishers that are enthusiastically hunting all over the lakes at the moment and are to be seen in numbers that only occur at this time of year. I imagine that it is the parents with their broods (they have several each year) feeding hard before the young are driven away to find homes for themselves. No mortgages to find here, just fly off to virgin waters and live happily ever after ! Perhaps a simplistic view, but one I find comforting all the same.

The forecast is for a few days of more temperate weather followed by further scorchers with a lull in proceedings due in around a weeks time. The lads next week should benefit from the lake being left to its own devices for a week however the weather certainly looks to favor the following weeks when cooler temperatures and rain showers are on the agenda. I am hopeful that the last months of the season will see some special catches made with the carp feeding up in readiness for winter and conditions just about perfect. With our autumn weeks being taken by regulars you can be sure that baiting and tactics will generally be spot on so fingers crossed that the carp will be fat and cooperative.

Happy days indeed.

Update on the last couple of weeks.

The week ending August 20th was one of extreme heat and mixed angling fortunes resulting in 37 carp and numerous sturgeon banked, although it is fair to say that the bulk of the fish came from the swims fishing the deeper water at the dam end. Strange that it should be like this as there were plenty of fish evident all over the lake however in a great many cases even obviously feeding fish proved very hard to tempt. As in previous weeks there were quite a few fish hooked and lost so the final tally could well have been a good bit higher. Highlight of the week was seeing a brace on 60’s banked with a 61lb common being caught by Peter and a 66lb 6oz mirror bagged by Don who also had another fine mirror of 57lb 5oz in his bag. The overall weight of the carp was excellent with the big three fish being backed up by numerous good fish including 12 x 40’s up to 48lb. This was pleasing to see as we have felt that with an extremely heavy spawning this year our average weights have been lower than we could have expected in a normal year. However, all the carp are in excellent condition and the lean look of most of the fish means that they will be significantly heavier as the pre-winter feed takes hold and spawn starts to develop once more.

Anyway, that said the lads enjoyed a good week despite extreme temperatures with Peter having 11 carp including a 61lb common another common of 46lb as well as mirrors of 48lb, 47.8lb, 45lb, 43lb, 41lb, 41lb, 39lb, 38lb and 36lb. Don had 9 carp including the 66.6lb mirror and the 57.5lb mirror and a cracking common of 45lb along with a good helping of 20’s and 30’s plus another cracking common estimated at over 40lb that escaped from the sling before weighing !!! Now, now Don, get a grip lad !! lol

Tony fished the middle of the lake from Gingers Patch and had 6 carp including a brace of 40’s at 47.11lb and 42.10lb whilst the lads fishing the shallower water had to make do with just the one carp apiece, Stewart’s was 55lb, Stephens  was 42.13lb and Dans was 23lb. I cannot fathom out the lack of action in the shallower water as normally at this time of year the shallows does rather well. I can just put it down to the fact that the lake water temperature is now as high as I have ever known it be with temperatures taken this morning of between 24c to 26c. Now that’s a nice warm bath, certainly not an environment that hungry carp would enjoy.

The week just finished has seen a continuation of the heatwave and with temperatures in the 35c+ bracket all week conditions were far from ideal for carp fishing. The water level is now about 9ins down on top level and we are desperate for some serious rain to freshen things up. As is to be expected the fishing was patchy in the heat and I feel that the lads did well to finish the week with a bag of 27 carp which included another 60 at 63.3lb plus a trio of 50’s all a tad over the 53lb mark. Although we also saw some nice 40’s banked, up to 47.11lb, it is fair to say that the remainder of the catch was at our lower end weight wise with the bulk of the catch being 30’s, although there were also a handful of smaller fish banked including one of just 14lb !

Kevin was top rod for the week (fishing Gingers Patch) with the 60.3lb mirror backed up by a brace of 53lb mirrors and another 7 good fish whilst Richie fished Zippies for  a bag of 4 carp topped by another 53lb mirror. Norman fished the shallows from Car Park swim and managed to land 5 carp up to 41.9lb and Phil fished Deliverance and bagged 6 carp up to 39.4lb, that being a lovely common. Kenny fished Middle Ground for just the one carp at 35lb whilst Craig had just the one fish from Island at 22lb. This week it seems that the middle of the lake was the area that struggled although strangely the top rod, Kevin was also fishing this area ! What does that teach us ? absolutely nothing, other than the carp are as contrary as ever !!

Well, I feel that we continue to see some cracking fish banked despite weather that is completely at odds with carp fishing. As would be expected, nothing comes easy in these conditions but those that are on the fish and get the tactics right are still catching some wonderful carp which augers well for the remainder of the season. All we need is some cooler weather a good helping of rain to freshen things up. Happy days indeed !

Find below a slide show from the weeks reported on above.

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This week we are free from anglers as poor old Keith Hunt has slipped a disc and cannot come over. Get sorted soon Keith and perhaps try letting your wife carry your wallet instead. You know it makes sense !!

A 66lb 6oz mirror for Don.

Another productive night saw 6 good fish banked with the pick of the crop being Dons magnificent mirror weighing 66lb 6oz. Peter had mirrors of 43lb and 48lb whilst Tony landed a brace of 30’s at 33lb and 36lb. Stephen had a mid 20 from the shallows to complete a good nights fishing for the boys. So far this week we have seen a brace of 60’s and a high 50 banked so all is looking good for the remaining days of the week.

Don and his 66lb 6oz mirror.

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