A brace of 50’s for Darren.

I have just been watching Darren land a 54lb 12oz pb mirror after a really long, tough fight. Taking to the water to better play the fish Darren finally managed to stop shaking enough to see that the mirror carp just beat his pb that was set overnight with a 54lb fish. A great start for the lad who is on his first ever visit to Le Moulin du Mee. Happy days.

Christine Merritt also got off the mark last nigh with a stunning 43lb common. Well done that lady.


An exceptional week.

A quiet last night saw just a couple of mid 40’s added to the bag (complements of Martin) leaving us with a fabulous total of 66 carp and a 62lb sturgeon. Best of all was the sheer quality of the catch with 4 carp of over 60lb and another 13 over 50lb included in the final tally. Especially pleasing for us was that this catch was amassed by a group of anglers that have been regulars at Le Moulin du Mee for some years now and have had some good weeks, some tough weeks and now finally a great week. Well done fellah’s.

Top rod was Martin (Killer to his friends) who fished well for his bag of 27 carp. Pick of his catch was a 61lb 8oz mirror followed by mirrors of 59lb, 56lb, 55lb 12oz, 51lb 8oz, 51lb 12oz and 51lb 10oz. Well done big fellah.

Steve, ably assisted by his lovely lady Sue, also had a week to remember with a 20 carp tally including commons of 67lb 4oz and 66lb plus mirrors of 56lb 8oz, 54lb and 50lb 4oz. Good fishing Steve.

Nigel fished days only due to old age and infirmity but still managed a lake best sturgeon of 62lb plus  a mirror of 58lb 10oz and a common of 50lb 14oz in his 6 fish catch. Big Al struggled for the early part of the week as the shallows seemed to contain just our smaller stamp of fish however ‘big fish Thursday’ certainly happened in Alans case with a brace of over 120lb !! It comprised the ‘Cut Tail’ common at 67lb 8oz and a cracking mirror of 56lb 12oz………lovely stuff. Alan also had a nice mirror of 43lb 8oz plus  another 6 smaller fish. ! Brian also managed a 50, this time a mirror of 54lb 12oz in a 4 fish catch which included mirrors of 48lb 12oz, 44lb 12oz and 39lb. The only struggler was Paul, aka Crusher, who managed just the one fish at 36lb but promised to listen to advice next year !!!!

All in all a cracking week with a lovely group and a result that reflects good angling as well as the huge strides our carp stocks have made in recent years.

A picture gallery from this week. Take a little time to look through this cracking array of stunning carp.

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The total catch for the season so far is as follows…

8 carp of over 60lb

38 carp of 50lb – 60lb

57 carp of 40lb – 50lb

55 carp of 30lb – 40lb

30 carp of 20lb – 30lb

2 x doubles

On the eve of the completion of an exceptional week.

It is Friday night and today’s warm sunshine has given way the chill of another cold night. A feature this week has been the constant sunshine that would only give of its warmth when you were nicely tucked up away from the wind. Nights have been very cold indeed with a frost by dawn and the cold north wind barely pausing for the arrival of the sun. Not the best of fishing conditions but as ever the carp have proven as contrary as ever and the catch so far has been the best we have ever had at Le Moulin du Mee, not in quantity but certainly in overall quality. What is good is that we have had 50lb+ fish caught this week from 5 of the 6 swims being fished meaning all but one of our anglers have caught at least one fish above this weight. Alan Grainger, fishing the shallows had banked some of our smaller carp until last night when he had a 40, a 50 and a 60lb fish giving him a full house of a double, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60lb fish with just a 70lb fish needed to complete the hand ! Tonight Alan !!

As I write the tally stands at 63 carp with 4 x 60’s and 13 x 50’s plus a host of big 40’s and tomorrow I will put together a slide show as well as a more detailed catch report.

The condition of the fish would lead us to believe that water quality is spot on with high oxygen levels enabling the fish to fight so very long and hard. If you look closely at the water you will notice that it is full of daphnia, clouds of them that are the foundation of the rich feeding the carp have in the lake. We have swallows feeding all over the lake during daylight hours and bats replacing them as night draws in. They are all feeding on the huge hatches of chironomids along with alder flies and all manner of other insect goodies. Our early damsel and dragonflies are also beginning to show up and I have no doubt the carp will be munching on the big nymphs as they look for reed stems to climb up. Once out of the water the wonderful metamorphosis takes place that see’s the drab, fierce nymphs hatch into brightly colored damsels and dragonfly’s. It really is a fine time to be at the lake with so much going on under the surface and so much happening in the tree’s around. The birds are busily nesting, singing away to establish territories and feeding avidly on the insect bounty provided by the lake. It is a good time to be looking for an easy meal. As well as the richness of the nature around us it is paling into insignificance compared to the results that our fishermen have achieved this week. The carp are looking as good as ever although it is fair to say that quite a few of them have been boosted a little in weight due to be ready to spawn. Some spawning has taken place last week and last night we have had reports of carp thrashing around along the tree line and in the shallows. It would appear that the Brenne Royale strain are the early spawners this year and many of them look ready to get underway the moment water temperature is into the 18c+ area. The commons are not seeming ready for spawning in the main however we have had some that look like they have already have. It is a strange period with some carp seeming some way off spawning, some ready to get underway whilst others look like they have completed the act and are back on the feed in good fashion. We have some warmer weather due in the coming days and I feel that spawning will certainly be a factor to contend with in the week ahead.

Well, with the results the lads have had up to now it is not to much to expect another lump of to to show up by morning. Watch this space.

Now that’s a cracker !!

Despite the temperature dropping to below zero last night we still saw some nice fish being banked. Top fish of the week was landed by Stephen in the form of a stunning common of 67lb 4oz (picture below). There were also 4 more high 40’s landed along with 3 other carp, with the extremes of the lake still producing most fish. Just the one fish from the middle portion of the lake last night with the remainder from the deeper water or the shallows.

Stephen and his new pb….67lb 4oz.

DSC_0563 (2)

Mid week update.

It is Tuesday evening and we are suffering from bright sunshine accompanied by a really brisk, cold north wind. The fishing has suffered and we have only seen one mid 30 banked since breakfast so hopefully there will be one or two added to the tally before morning.

The total catch up to now is very good with 30 fish being banked made up of 6 x 50’s, 10 x 40’s, 10 x 30’s, three 20’s and a 62lb sturgeon. The most fish caught so far have come from the dam end of the lake with the other lads scratching round for a fish or two. Everyone has caught though and we still have the back half of the week to go so I feel sure that the changing weather with also see the carp changing their feeding area’s and the warmer shallows may well come into its own. We shall see.

I will publish pictures at the close of play on Saturday morning but until then there are updates, complete with pictures on my facebook page.

A good start to the week.

The week has started in fine style and lads have already bagged 8 carp by breakfast time. Brian had a 54lb 12oz mirror as well as another of 44lb 12oz and Steve banked a brace of mirrors also at 50lb 4oz and 41lb. Martin also had a trio of nice mirrors at 46lb 12oz, 42lb 8oz and 35lb 6oz whilst Alan, fishing the shallows had a small male at 24lb.

Steve and his nice brace of mirrors.

DSC_0516 - CopyDSC_0503 - Copy


Another good week.

Despite the smaller fish partaking in some half hearted spawning we have enjoyed another productive week with the Wolverhampton lads banking 34 carp. As ever the condition of the fish was superb and all the lads reported some long dogged fights before the net was placed under them. Best of the week was the cracking 65lb 12oz common banked by Sean who also banked fish of 57lb 10oz, 54lb 6oz, 49lb 47lb,47lb 38lb and 35lb (common). Sean worked hard for his fish and they all came from the deeper water in front of Zippies. Yesterday Sean had a double take resulting in mirrors of 47lb and 49lb, not a bad brace! Tim had the most fish with a 14 carp catch including 3 x 50′ up to 58lb whilst Steve, fishing the shallows had 9 carp up to 51lb but generally of a smaller average size than the other lads fish. Scott fished the middle section of the lake and fished hard and well for just the one fish, a 55lb common and Matt, also fishing the middle area struggled to a 2 fish catch with a best of 45lb. It is strange that the fish mostly came from the extremes of the lake with both the shallow area’s and the deep area’s producing well whilst the normally productive central area’s saw the lads struggling. I have no doubt that this week will see things back to normal with all swims producing. The weather has been warmer than we are used to for this time of year with the days being bright and sunny in the main with just a cooler breeze springing up on Thursday. With a full moon this week the nights were clear and surprisingly bright in the moonlight. An most enjoyable week with a grand bunch of lads.

Some pictures of the fish this week.

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Total catch for the season to date is as follows.

4 x 60’s, 25 x 50’s, 37 x 40’s, 39 x 30’s, 18 x 20’s and a solitary double.

And a last minute 40 for Tim.


A chilly North Wind.

I have just been round the lake and must confess that it felt a good bit chillier than yesterday. The sun is still shining but a cold North wind is certainly damping down the temperature however we still have some spawning taking place in the shallows so hopefully the conditions will remain suitable for the early birds to get things completed.

We have added another aeration outlet further out into the lake, about 30m from the island, and will probably added a final outlet out from the dam near the little bay at far end. There is no doubt in our minds that the new system is really helping to improve the overall dissipation of oxygen all over the lake and should be a real bonus in the dog days of high summer.

Just three fish out last night with a high 30, a 40 and another 50 so although not exactly hectic sport it is steady away with quality fish. Happy days indeed.

Mid April and all is well !

I have just returned from my UK visit to find that the lake is fishing well, the tree’s out now in leaf and the swallows are feeding everywhere. To top it all the cuckoo’s and nightingales are serenading from dawn to dusk and in the case of the latter, all night long. Happy days indeed.

Strangely we have just had the start of carp spawning evident in the top end shallows where they were tearing up the newly emerging lilies in their endeavors. This will be the earliest we have ever experienced spawning taking place and it would seem that the amorous fish are mainly the smaller Brenne’s. Our main stock look to be be some time away from being ready so I would imagine that once the smaller fish have completed their spawning we will have a lull for a good few weeks yet before the bulk of the fish get underway. It, happily is not having any effect on the fishing with lads already banking 11 carp including a 65lb 10oz common and a brace of good 50’s, and that is in very contrary conditions with hot daytime sunshine and chilly clear nights. Anyway the lads are happy and the fish are in stunning condition so for the time being – all is well.

Now to the catch report for our season so far.

Week number 1 has already been reported on so I will move straight into week 2.

This week saw another visit from the Welsh Winklers plus our old friends Caddy and Bobby. In fairness the fishing was patchy but everyone finished up with a decent fish or two and a couple of the lads had a real belter of a week.

Caddy, after a slowish start finished his week on 17 carp including 6 x 50’s as follows….50lb 2oz, 50lb 6oz, 51lb, 51lb, 55lb 10oz and 56lb 14oz. A great week for the lad.

Bobby finished his week on 9 carp with a best of 52lb followed by 4 x 40’s comprised of a brace of commons at 42lb and 47lb 8oz and a brace of mirrors at 43lb and 49lb. Carey fished the shallows and had 5 cracking fish including mirrors of 47lb, 52lb and 53lb 2oz plus a stunning common of 48lb 14oz. Well deserved Carey lad. Geraint had just a brace of fish which included at cracking mirror of 58lb whilst Steve had to settle for the big sturgeon at 61lb and Mal a smaller sturgeon at 24lb. That’s fishing ! The lads all had a great time and we look forward to the Winklers return visit in 2019. In the case of Caddy and Bobby it will be in just a few weeks time.

Total catch was 10 x 50’s, 10 x 40’s, 12 x 30’s and 2 x20’s.

Happy days.

A slide show of the week.

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Week 3 saw the return of another old friend in the form of Keith Hunt and friends and after a slowish start they did eventually get amongst the fish.

Jim bagged 3 carp including commons of 66lb and 47lb plus a mirror of 23lb whilst Spencer, fishing the shallows, managed a trio of mirrors plus the big sturgeon at 61lb. Keith was blanking until midweek and then turned in a respectable catch of 6 mirrors including 4 x 40’s at 42lb, 45lb, 47lb and 47lb whilst Jumbo managed 7 carp including a 55lb 14oz mirror. Adrian chipped in with 4 carp including mirrrors of 50 14oz and 46lb 14oz.  Well done all.

Weeks catch was… 1 x 60, 2 x 50’s, 7 x 40’s and 7 x 30’s and 6 x 20’s (more than usual !).

A slide show of some of the boys carp.

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Week 4 saw the return of our regular pal, Keith Williams and party and true to form Keith was once again top rod with a 15 fish catch. Included in Keiths catch were mirrors of 67lb 8oz, 57lb, 50lb 6oz plus another 6 of over 40lb up to 48lb. Great stuff Keith.

Matt had a trio of mirrors up to 49lb, Chris a solitary catch in the form of a 41lb common and Stu a brace of mirrors at 54lb 4oz and 43lb 12oz. Tom finished up with 5 carp including a cracking mirror of 57lb.

Total catch for the week was 26 carp consisting of 1 x 60, 4 x 50’s 9 x 40’s, 7 x 30’s and 5 x 20’s.

Some of Keith’s fish for the week. I will post pictures from the other lads once I have traced them !

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Our season has started pretty well and in the first 4 weeks we have seen the following caught…. 90 carp consisting of 3 x 60’s, 18 x 50’s 27 x 40’s 28 x 30’s and 14 x 20’s. To follow that this week has already seen another 60 and a couple more 50’s banked ! Looking good for the season methinks !!!

A great second week!

Sorry for the late blog, it relates to last week…

What a great week, spent with some great guys, plenty of fish caught and some big fish too!
Caddy dominated the week somewhat, with Deliverance getting back to it’s early season best (It’s water hadn’t produced anything for the two previous weeks). He ended up with a total of 18 carp with six over 50 (51, 50.6, 55.10, 51, 50.2, 56,14), a great catch and he really fished the swim to it’s best.
Next door on Island Bobby had a good week too, netting 9 fish up to 52, plus a 49 and a 47.8 common.
Carey up on Sanctuary had a flying start to the week, breaking his pb twice with two 50’s (up to 53.2) plus a 47 and a 30 on the first night, sadly the conditions changed a bit with the temperature dropping after the first night. He did still manage a stunning 48.14 common (another pb) later in the week and despite most of the fish coming early in the week overall it’s a catch to be chuffed with.
Geraint had the biggest of the week – an extremely well earned pb 58lb mirror on Middle Ground which I posted about a few days ago plus a beautiful ‘little'(!) 36lb common.
Sadly though Steve and Mal struggled on Steps and Gingers, with a couple of fish dropped between them mid week and little else, the sturgeon did come to the rescue though on the last day with Steve catching the awesome Boris at 61lb and Mal having a 24.14lb sturgeon on the last night.

Breakdown: 34 carp, 10x50s, 10x40s, 12x30s, 2x20s

I was surprised that we didn’t see any of the bigger known fish though. I expect 8 of the fifties were new fifties as they’re all looking fat as butter at the moment – I’ve run a net through the silt a few times over the last couple of days and it’s full of bloodworm (and more) at the moment.
I’ve also noticed that most of the fish were our ‘Brennes’ – the shorter fish, bigger in the shoulder. The generally larger, longer Champagnes havent really featured as much yet this year nor have most of the big commons, but then it’s early days yet.

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