Rogues Gallery – the last couple of weeks in pictures.

Here are some of the pictures from the couple of weeks that I was away. Good fishing fellah’s !!

SAM_1535 (1024x768)

SAM_1530 (1024x768)

SAM_1521 (1024x768)

SAM_1519 (1024x768)

SAM_1502 (1024x768)

LMDM Apr 14-7 (1024x683)

LMDM Apr 14-1 (1024x683)

IMG_9590 (1024x683)

IMG_0298 (1024x768)

DSC_0625 (1024x667)

DSCF0742 (1024x745)

IMG_0201 (1024x768)

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Home again !

We arrived back at Le Moulin du Mee on Sunday evening, just in time to enjoy the sunset and soak in the atmosphere once more. The morning saw me up bright and early and the lake was shrouded in mist with just the tips of the tree’s glowing in the morning sun. To top it all I also heard the first cuckoo of the year so I was in a good mood as I walked round to chat to the anglers. It is early days for this weeks anglers however already a pattern is emerging with the carp seemingly at either end of the lake offering the anglers covering that water some good sport with the anglers covering the middle part of the lake struggling somewhat. Father and son, Paul and Zac have been having a brilliant week with half a dozen 50′s between them including mirrors of 52lb and 59lb to 10 yr old Zac !!! What a start for the lad ! father Paul has had 16 fish so far including four 50′s up to 56lb and seven 40′s with the remainder being good 30′s. Jamie, fishing the re-built ‘Zippies Pit’ has had just the four fish so far but with the biggest being a good 50 and the smallest a tad over 40lb  The other lads have had a few fish but are still finding it rather challenging. The weather is sunny but the temperatures are being held down by a cold north easterly wind and overnight temperatures are falling to no more than 6 or 7c. This is managing to hold the water temperatures to a level that will put a stop to any thoughts of spawning the carp may have. Some of the fish are heavy with spawn whilst others do not look at all like being ready. The big girls in particular are looking in great condition but with little sign of spawn so we could see a staggered period of spawning once it gets underway with the big girls following on a week or so after the smaller fish.

Anyway, the total catch so far is around the 30 fish mark and with seven 50′s already banked by Tuesday morning our expectations are for more of the same in the coming days. Fingers crossed that it happens.

First pictures are a few scenic one’s that I took early yesterday morning.

_DSC8764 (1024x679)

_DSC8763 (1024x672)

_DSC8761 (1024x559)


And now for some fish pictures starting with 10 year old Zac ! Star man !

IMG_0222 (1024x765)

IMG_0281 (1024x746)

IMG_0290 (1024x745)Dad Paul and a few of his fish.

IMG_0247 (1024x837)

IMG_0160 (960x720)

IMG_0137 (720x960)

IMG_0076 (616x733)


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Week 3 catch report.

Another difficult week for the lads with the carp already in spawning mode, the males are shedding milt on the mat and most of the females are staying quiet. This is our third week of the season and produced just 19 carp including 3x50s 9x40s 5x30s. Biggest Mirror 59.12. Biggest common 59.2.
Total carp caught so far is 54 with 5 x 60′s and 9 x 50′s (including many over the 55lb mark) with the remainder of the catches being mainly 40′s and 30′s with just a handful of 20′s.

This afternoon one of the new party has already banked a 55lb mirror so fingers crossed for a good week for the lads.

I will be back at LMDM tomorrow evening so hope to be able to post pictures of some of the fish banked so far.

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Spawning ?

Jimmy reports that the top levels of water in the lake are now very near the ‘spawning trigger’ mark and with a male carp milting on the mat it looks very much that we will be seeing the earliest spawning ever. If they are ready then the sooner they get it over and done with the better as they will then be feeding in earnest for the first time this season. Usually it is the smaller carp that spawn first with the big girls following a little later so there are very real chances of banking a real monster at the moment. At this time the carp will feed but only in short, sporadic bursts so it is more important than ever to make the most of any takes that you get. For those of you arriving in the next week or so it is worth having one rod set up with a bright yellow pop-up as the males will often make a grab at such a bait as they travel around the lake in search of a likely female. It will be tricky fishing but if you strike lucky the rewards will be worth the effort.

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Steady away !

It seems that the fishing at Le Moulin du Mee has settled down to being steady but by no means hectic. Overnight Stephen Argent had a 59lb 12 oz mirror and a several more carp up to 49lb 8oz were also banked by the lads but the fishing remains challenging with the carp seemingly just waiting around – perhaps with spawning in mind. There have been three pb’s landed so far including a brace of 50′s and a good few 40′s and discussing the situation with Jimmy the general view is that as soon as the water temperature reaches the magic mark then spawning will start. I suspect that the early warm spell has triggered the ‘spawning mode’ and, as is normal when this happens, the feeding habits become unpredictable and the fishing much harder than we would like. The weather is due to get warmer over the next week so it will be interesting to see how things develop. On the spawning front the roach have been hard at it for several days now so that it another factor that can impact on the fishing. The carp will be eating the eggs as well as the small roach that will also be enjoying the feast. Nature rules !!

Postscript – Jimmy phoned this afternoon to say that the solitary fish banked today was a male that proceeded to squirt milt all over the mat !!

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Small catches but big fish !

Week 2 over, three more new 60′s and three 50′s out this week and 20 carp out overall – it has been another really hard week for most of the lads with the majority of the fish coming from deeper water despite the warm weather and most out during the day too, Mark on Deliverance even had two on at once yesterday afternoon. Dave’s had nearly all his fish between dawn and breakfast on Zippy’s – Short spells of intense feeding.

That gives us a total of 35 carp for the opening weeks which is rather on the low side however when you consider that amongst them are 5 x 60′s and 6 x 50′s with the majority of the others being over 40lb (there were 3 x 20′s also) it is easy to see that growth weights year on year have been remarkable. It is difficult to know exactly how many 60lb+ carp there are in the lake but last year we saw 6 different one’s and only one of this years 60′s was included in last years totals. That would indicate that we have at least 10 carp of over 60lb and my suspicion is that as the weeks progress we will be seeing a good few more turn up in catches. Many of you regulars will remember when we were waiting for our first 40lb fish and the progress since then has been amazing with our average weight now being well over the 40lb mark. It all pays testament to our police of only stocking young fish and hoping that we could grow them on ourselves. It seems to be working !! Happy days !

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Some unexpected availability for this year.

I have just had the week commencing June 28th come available so if anyone is interested could they let me know asap. It will not hang around !!

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And another 60 !

Cumbrian Dave has got off the mark in style after a frustrating few days. He bagged three carp this morning with the best being another new 60 at 60lb 8oz. Happy days indeed !

One thing that I would suggest is that you ensure your scales weigh in excess of 60lb as we are now seeing more and more fish of that weight coming out. We will be getting a couple more sets of 100lb scales ourselves for emergency use but it would be good for you to come prepared.

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A bitter-sweet start to the season.

After such a strange winter and spring it shouldn’t really be a surprise that the season has started in such an odd fashion. The fact that I am totally bemused as to what the carp are up to really pays testament to the difficulty of running a business involving wild creatures ! The first week saw five very experienced anglers on the lake and on arrival the walk round wetted everyone’s appetite as the weather was mild and fish could be seen rolling and crashing out in the lake. A sudden drop in temperature and complete change in conditions on the Saturday night put the fish into winter mode and nothing could be seen or heard of them for most of the following week. Four of the lads struggled with Terry banking just a 39lb common, Dave a brace of 23lb and 35lb and Gary a 40lb common but Keith Hunt once again managed to get amongst the fish and ended the week with a catch of ten carp with an average weight of around 50lb !! He had a 61lb common and mirrors of 66lb 8oz, 54lb, 52lb, 52lb plus five 40′s up to 47lb. All of the carp were in stunning condition although the smaller fish did show signs of developing spawn which comes as no surprise considering the very mild early spring weather. Great fishing by Keith and a great shame that the carp failed to play ball for the other lads but as they pointed out to me – that’s fishing.

Total week 1 catch results were 14 carp comprising two x 60′s (61lb common and 66lb 8oz mirror), three x 50′s, six x 40′s, two x 30′s and a solitary 20.

Week two has also started very slowly with the carp seeming to be hanging around the upper layers of the water where temperatures are highest and just like the previous week quality is certainly there but so far quantity is not !

Mark is having a wonderful week with a brace of 60lb mirrors and a 40 so far whilst our old friend Stephan has managed just the one fish, a 50lb mirror. Ed has banked three mirrors of 53lb 2oz, 37lb and 33lb whilst Jurgen and Dave have had a sturgeon apiece.

It seems most odd to be looking upon the season as starting badly but when I look at the size of the fish banked on little more than 10 days I feel that perhaps things are not so bad after all. We have had four different 60′s (3 of them new one’s), five x 50′s and seven x 40′s so once the main body of the carp stock decide to start feeding in earnest we could be in for a cracking season.

I am away for another week but will update on events as they happen and post pictures on my return.

Good luck to all our anglers for the coming days.

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Frozen in Time !

It is strange that after the early arrival of spring the valley seems to have almost become frozen in time. The blossom still sits in the tree’s, buds are half open and leaves partly emerged, just as they were a week ago when the weather was balmy and summer more than just a promise on the horizon. The swallows have arrived but appear as subdued as the carp and can be seen more often than not just sitting on the telephone wires shivering in the frosty conditions. This morning the lake was silent with mist floating low across a surface that was glass like and unbroken by any signs of moving fish. It would seem that the carp have fallen into a sulk and just like the newly arrived swallows are awaiting the return of spring once more before they burst into action. It is only Keith Hunt who is bucking the trend as he works his swim and winkles out the odd big fish or two. Last night he bagged another brace of good fish with mirrors of 52lb and 43lb. That gives Keith a ‘modest’ tally so far of mirrors of 66lb 8oz, 54lb, 52lb, 44lb, 43lb, 42lb, 42lb and a common of 61lb. The other lads, all experienced French carpers, have been scratching around for the odd fish and although the quality is superb the quantity of fish is far lower than last week would have led us to expect. At this early time of the year the dramatic changes in conditions that we experience will always be a major influence on the fishing. The change from warm spring weather to freezing conditions and cold winds has certainly made the fishing very challenging indeed this week however with warm weather set to return this weekend the prospects for next week are far brighter. Watch this space !!

Another 50 for Keith.

Keith Hunt and 52lb mirror



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