More cracking carp grace the bank.

Another week of sunshine and the carp are beginning to settle down to some more predictable feeding. We are still experiencing a lot of night time activity and the daylight hours now are beginning to experience far more activity than recent weeks. The lads on the main lake have had a mixed bag with some wonderful fish once again showing up in the catches. Although a few were caught on boilies the majority of the carp are once again showing a distinct preference for maize. Caddy had a great last night with mirrors of 46lb, 47lb and 51lb 8oz bringing his total bag up to 11 carp comprised on mirrors of 66lb 10oz, 51lb 8oz, 47lb, 46lb 4oz, 43lb 8oz, 40lb 8oz, 35lb 2oz, and 25lb 4oz plus commons of 61lb 2oz,36lb 6oz and 28lb 12oz plus a 45lb sturgeon.What a great start to his French fishing adventures and a bag of fish that will be hard to surpass in coming years ! Andy, also on his first French trip, managed to bag a trio of carp including a mirror of 50lb 4oz and a brace of stunning commons of 44lb and 41lb plus a sturgeon whilst fellow newbie Chris had a couple of nice mirrors of 41lb and 44lb. Their pal Michael spent the week on Poppy’s where fishing days only he caught over 50 carp including around 20 of over 20lb. Cumbrian Dave was also with us this week and worked hard for his carp of 56lb, 38lb, 33lb and 25lb. Dave also caught four sturgeon including a pair of 45lb. Steve failed to get on the fish with very few showing in the shallows and finished week with just a mid 20 to his name. That’s how the cooky crumbles at times and Steve has had carp to over 50lb from LMDM in the past and just never really managed to get amongst the carp this week. Total catch for the week was 21 carp and 6 sturgeon. Carp included 2 x 60’s, 3 x 50’s and 8 x 40’s so once again quality made up somewhat for lack of numbers.

Anyway, a few more of Caddy’s fish.

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And Andy with his carp.

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A 56lb mirror for Dave.

The carp are still very active although the hot sunny days mean that most of the showing is done either end of the day and at night. Last night saw Cumbrian Dave bag a cracking mirror of 56lb whilst Andy had a new pb in the form of a stunning common of 44lb. Steve moved to fish the shallows and immediately bagged a mid 20 with plenty of fish seemingly active in his area. I feel that tonight will be a productive one !! Famous last words !!

Dave and a couple of his fish

DSC_0039 (1024x680)

DSC_0045 (1024x680).


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Still sunny, still plenty of fish moving and still interesting !!!

Last week was another where the eventual catch was much lower than the activity would suggest. It didn’t help with just three anglers fishing as the carp just moved away from the lines and happily stayed munching in the quieter parts of the lake. Karl eventually made a move for a couple of nights and fished ‘Zippy’s’ where he caught the stunning ‘cut tail common’ at 60lb 11oz. He also bagged a 45lb sturgeon and a 28lb 9oz common whilst alone on the ‘Dark Side’ of the lake ! John had a few nice mirrors with the best being 40lb 9oz whilst Fred had several 30’s but had a torrid time with the pike ! Actually the pike have been an occasional problem over the last couple of months with lines being bitten through and back leads taken so it is good that we will be removing most of them when we net the lake in December. Fred actually lost a succession of fish in the last few days, some due to pike and others that ran into the tree’s on the left of ‘Car Park’ swim. In fairness the lads fished hard all week but with so much water to cover the fish were showing everywhere that the lads weren’t. I feel that the times where just a few anglers book the lake exclusively will always be more difficult unless they are prepared to move around, following the fish. The start of this week was much brighter and with 5 anglers fishing there was plenty of water being covered. The first night saw Chris (fresh from a tutorial with Keith Williams) up his pb from 23lb to 41lb and then 44lb whilst Caddy bagged ‘Cut Tail’ again at 61lb 11oz. This particular big common can just disappear for a couple of months but invariably will come out again soon after a first capture and then go missing again for a good few weeks. Anyway, Caddy had another fabulous catch on Sunday night with another huge fish, this time a mirror of 66lb 10oz. With a brace of 60’s to his name the fellah is on a real high at the moment and who knows what might turn up next ?

Anyway, some pictures.

From last week we have John and a few nice mirrors.


P1020104 (1024x930)

P1020107 (1024x768)

P1020115 (1024x768)

And now to this week. Firstly Caddy and a couple of real lunkers.



Chris and a brace of 40’s followed by Caddy and another fine common.

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Cut Tail banked at 60lb 12oz.

Karl decided to spend a night or two in ‘Zippies Pit’ after seeing lots of fish moving there and a good move it proved to be. Last night he banked a 45lb sturgeon closely followed by the ‘Cut Tail’ common at 60lb 12oz. Down slightly in weight since she was last banked in early July she was in great condition and should be packing the weight back on as the summers tails off to autumn. Happy days indeed !!

IMG_0568 (1024x768)


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A couple of ‘Fussy’s’ fish including his 56lb mirror.

Paul has just emailed me a couple of his pictures from last week so here they are.

IMG_20140820_012238 (1024x768)


IMG_20140821_092130 (1024x768)

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A learning curve !

We have just experienced another week where lots of carp have been feeding, bubbling and throwing themselves from the water whilst the boilies have remained untouched for the most part. The lads report huge fish crashing out over night and evenings whilst morning have been a time of plenty of carp activity. Our tried and tested method of boilies over a bed of pellet has not been working for several weeks now but gradually we feel that we are beginning to understand what is happening. This week started much as last week ended with feeding carp to be seen over the baited area’s but runs being hard to come by. A change mid week to including maize in the mix and fishing it on the hair saw the fishing gradually improve and, most pleasing of all, saw a trio of good 50’s banked by the lads. Steve managed to bag 5 carp including a brace of lovely commons and mirrors of 33lb, 44lb and a last gasp beauty of 53lb. Paul (aka Fussy) had a trio of carp from the shallows including a final stunner weighing in at 56lb whilst Chris had a trio of pb’s comprising a 45lb sturgeon, 31lb catfish and 37lb carp. Chris also lost several carp after having them on for a good while. In fact all the lads lost fish during the week including a very large and powerful fish that Paul hooked in the shallows that came free after a long, hard scrap. Sid worked hard all week and watched everyone else bank a fish or two but remained fishless until Friday night when a move to a new swim (the other two lads left early due to a big party booked for Saturday !!) where he proceeded to catch a stunning mirror of 55lb 12oz.. Overall it was a great week with a smashing group of lads and for once we felt that we are starting to understand a little more of what is going on with the carp.

Firstly it became apparent that the carp were feeding well early in the week but a relatively light baiting approach was not bringing them into the area’s that the lads were fishing. A change midweek to much heavier baiting certainly brought the carp onto the baited area’s. The inclusion of maize in the mix and on the hair also started to produce results whereas the boilie over pellet failed to. I believe that what is happening is that the pellet is breaking down leaving a bed of attraction but the only real feed left in the area is a few dozen boilies which the carp are just ignoring. As I write we have 50 kilo of maize cooked up, 25 kilo of wheat in soak and a bin full of pigeon conditioner fermenting and feel confident that an approach comprising a big area baited with this particle mix and pellet will encourage the carp to really get their heads down onto the anglers bait.

Another point to be considered is that we generally find the lake fishing better with a full complement of anglers. With just a couple of lads fishing for the two weeks that we were on holiday and four fishing the main lake this week it is apparent that the carp  can happily feed on naturals in large area’s of the lake without coming near the anglers bait. This coming week we have three lads who have booked the lake and I fear that unless they stay mobile the carp will just move away from the occupied swims. A constant and generous application of bait could well prove successful however I would be far happier with another angler or two on the lake. 

On a plus side the fish are all in stunning condition and seem to be fully recovered from the stresses of spawning so we should be looking forward to more big carp showing up in the catches than ever before. The most exciting thing is that so many of the 50’s banked since spawning should be around the 60lb mark by the latter weeks of the season ! Just how many 60lb+ carp there will be in the lake come spring is anyone’s guess and the amount of high 40’s that will be moving into the 50lb+ category in the coming months is staggering. Happy days indeed !!

A few pictures from this week are below. I am afraid that I cannot include a picture of Pauls 56lb mirror as he used his phone to take photographs and will email them to me next week.

Sid (Chris really) and his 55lb 12oz mirror.

P1010911 (1024x768)

Steve and a few of his fish.

103_4309 (1024x861)

103_4305 (1024x768)103_4317 (1024x768)


And finally Chris and his new pb mirror.P1010894 (1024x768)We also had a couple of lads fishing Poppy’s for the week and fishing days only Dave and Phil bagged over 100 carp including a good head of 20’s up to 29lb. As ever they really enjoyed their stay and were kept busy with double takes a regular occurence.

Dave and one of his many carp from Poppy’s Lake.

SAM_1543 (1024x768)


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Holiday round up.

We arrived home last night to find all is well and looking good for the remainder of the season. The weather has continued to be up and down with sun, wind, rain and calm being factors each week this summer. Some very heavy rain mid week will have reduced water temperatures once again, a problem that has been a major factor in the erratic fishing this summer. We have had just a couple anglers on each of the two weeks we were away with Paul and the two boys fishing occasional nights as well. There have been plenty of fish bubbling and seemingly feeding but with just two full time anglers on each week the fish have had plenty of water in which to feed comfortably without being bothered by anglers lines. I always feel that we need at least four anglers on the lake for the fish to spread out and at times a full complement of six anglers can be best. As always the prevailing wind can can have a notable effect on the movements of the carp and it can be a good move to fish the downwind bank where feasable. As an example Paul mentioned that the wind was piling the water down to the shallows when I chatted to him on Friday so I suggested that perhaps last night the two youngsters might fancy a night in the ‘Sanctuary’ swim. Paul had already figured that out for himself and the lads were preparing to fish the shallows overnight. A good move it proved to be with three fish banked including a 49lb 8oz for 15yr old Brent and a lovely 32lb common for his pal Leon.

The final tally for our holiday period was a nice round 30 fish with a nice brace of 50’s (57lb and 54lb) to Kevin and another 11 carp of over 40lb spread over the period. Of the 40’s there were 4 in excess of 49lb’s and we think that they will be early season low 50’s still catching up with their weight after a very heavy spawning earlier in the summer. There can be no doubt that the very heavy spawning experienced this year plus the oxygen crash that occurred at much the same time has had a real impact in overall fish weights with the females being 5/6lb lighter post spawning and taking longer than usual to return to top weights. Come the autumn we expect weights to be really impressive once more especially with the lower biomass due to the loss of (mainly smaller) carp a couple of months ago. The fish caught are all in great condition which augers well for the remainder of the season.

A few pictures of young Leon and Brent and Paul with a few of their captures.

IMG_6383 (1024x768) IMG_6336 (1024x768) IMG_6340 (1024x768) IMG_6342 (1024x768) IMG_6344 (1024x768) IMG_6351 (1024x768) IMG_6355 (1024x768) IMG_6360 (1024x834) IMG_6362 (1024x814) IMG_6369 (1024x768) IMG_6374 (1024x768)

One downside at the moment is the amount of pike activity with quite a few carp being lost when the pike makes a strike at the back leads whilst a fish is being played. We will be resolving that situation when we drain down in the winter but until then I suggest using slack lines and leaving the back leads at home.

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W/c October 25th, 2014 now available.

Just had a cancellation for the above week so anyone interested should contact me asap.

I am back at LMDM tomorrow so will update the blog over the weekend. All I know is that the two lads fishing this week have been enduring torrential rain and the fishing has been a tad slow up to last night. Full update in the next few days.

Just three places left as of 16/08/2014

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Another 50 for Rich.

Just heard that a couple of fish were caught last night with the best being another 50 for Rich., this time a tad smaller than his first at 54lb. That is 3 x 50’s since Saturday morning so all is looking good for the rest of the week.

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Holiday update !

I have just had the latest update from Paul who is looking after the lake this week and next. The weather is now looking much better for fishing and accordingly some nice fish have been banked. As we left home early on Saturday morning we had the parting gift of witnessing Spooky Paul landing a cracking 54lb mirror. Well done that man. In the 24hrs or so since then we have just had regulars Kev and Rich on the lake along with Paul and the two Dutch lads, Brent and Leon. So far they have had 6 carp including a brace of 49lb and 57lb to Rich with the other lads chipping in with mirrors of 43lb and 35lb plus commons of 38lb and 27lb. of All is now looking good for the remainder of the week and I will post updates whenever I have a chance.

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